Great Modern Traveler update – Becky Samson, Karl Bushby, Manon Ossevoort, and Christoph Rehage

As many readers of this journal know I made a list of great modern travelers last year. While some of the journeys are over, and others still not complete, there are still some very active great modern travelers out there right now. Here’s a brief update on how they are doing:

Becky and Berty from Expedition Equus
Becky and Berty from Expedition Equus

Becky Samson of  Expedition Equus is finally off on her journey! Becky plans to make it via a solo overland horseback trip from London, UK to Tokyo, Japan. Follow Becky on Twitter @ExpeditionEquusor on her website.

Edit 2011: Due to illness, Becky has not been able to complete this journey. We certainly wish Becky all the best in her health and future endeavors.

For more information, please see her profile on Great Modern Travel Attempts.

Karl Bushbys Goliath Expedition
Karl Bushby's Goliath Expedition

Karl Busby of the Goliath Expedition is still stuck with his Russian visa problem. His online forum was overrun by spam bots, and there’s been little in the way of updates since January 2009. I am hoping there will be some good news soon.

Christoph Rehage as last reported on my Great Modern Travelers page has stopped his walk from China to Germany. He’s no longer going to blog on his website and has returned to finish a degree for the next two years. He finishes his blog with a great video about growing his beard over his one year of walking.

Tractor Tractor - Manon Ossevoort
Tractor Tractor - Manon Ossevoort

Manon Ossevoort of Tractor Tractor is in Canada after completing her tractor drive through Africa. This is the final stage of her journey and what an incredible journey it’s been.

You can read more about these great modern travelers on my links below.  These are some of the people who are or have pioneered travel in this modern age. They’ve provided inspiration, enlightenment and hope to many a traveler,  travel enthusiast, and everyday people in the world today.

I encourage you to have a read about them below!

K arl Bushby | Jason Elliot | Christina Rivera | Jonny Bealby | Manon Ossevoort | Kinga Choszcz | Christoph Rehage | Ross Pringle |Becky Sampson | Ted Simon

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