Jeepney makers in the Philippines: Seeing the Unseen

by Dave from The Longest Way Home ~ March 5th, 2010. Updated on November 30th, 2010. Published in: Travel blog » Discover World Culture » Philippines.
New Style Filippino Jeepney

New Style Filippino Jeepney

Jeepney’s are unique road transportation vehicles used in the Philippines. A cross between a bus and a jeep!

“Where do Jeepney’s come from?” It’s a question I’ve wanted an answer to since first jumping on board one of these gas guzzlers in Manila. Of all public transport vehicles I have taken, I like the jeepney the most. Especially the front seat!

I asked around Manila and the Visayas, only to be misunderstood, misquoted, and then offered one for sale. No, I only wanted to know where they came from. Who created this unique auto mobile? Like most things these days, the internet coughed up some answers. A small site about post WW2 manufacturers that have long since closed down in post American influenced Philippines.

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4 Great responses to Jeepney makers in the Philippines: Seeing the Unseen

  1. jessiev says:

    VERY cool!! i love seeing the photos and hearing more about it. thanks!

  2. They sure does look like a lot of fun, so when I get there in the future sometimes, I must try!