Welcome to The Longest Way Home Travel Blog: New Reader tour!

A brief tour of The Longest Way Home Travel Blog for new readers.

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If this is your first time reading this or visiting this blog then welcome on board! This is just brief overview of what goes on here to give you an idea.

About me: I have been traveling around the world for over 7+ years in search of home. I started this site as just something personal but my journey’s gained a lot of interest, popularity and press due to a number of factors. There’s a lot more on my dedicated about page.

How I write here:

I write in a frank and open way about a tale of breaking free and reaching out to grasp a dream. It’s something millions of people around the world also dream and aspire to do. I just happen to be writing about it online.

Combined with that my travel photography, travel resources for everyone and stories about real people I meet on the way and you get this …

  • the website is my desk for writing my journals about my journey (travel blog)
  • a wall for hanging my photographs (travel photography)
  • an open travel resource center to share what I’ve learned about travel with others through travel guides and step-by-step walk through guides (travel resources),
  • a place to tell you about the people I’ve met that not many tourists get to see (travel stories).
  • you can find out a lot more on my about page
I also write factual and practical travel guides that you can find on the top menu anywhere on the site outside of the travel blog. I focus on my own experience in these countries but add in a lot more practical details that will help you as a traveler. You can see a full list of country and other helpful guides on my travel resources page.

My long-term travel blog & travel journals:

You’ve joined The Longest Way Home at a really interesting time!

Currently I usually publish a journal update on my progress and journey once or twice a week. At the moment I am also writing features, open commentary articles on the world of travel, living overseas, food and the changing of world cultures.

You can find a lot more of my Seeing the Unseen articles on my travel stories. These focus on people very few travelers/people get to see.

Trekking in Nepal
Trekking in Nepal

I also run another series called Great Food from Around the World. Here I write-up a short entry and photograph on a dish from where I am currently traveling that most travelers can get easy access to. Unlike the usual food reviews you’ll see online or off-line I focus on the food you’ll really find when out and about traveling.

I also review the occasional travel book that I have read and there’s also a series about feature travel photographs and the story behind them.

Leaving comments:

Comments on any article on my travel blog page are always welcome. At the bottom of every update there is a link you can click to open the page and leave a comment!

To prevent spam first time comments usually have to wait to be approved, and as I am traveling this can take a little time depending on where I am.

Top Places to Travel & Photograph e-book
Top Places to Travel & Photograph e-book

But, I always reply to everyone! Once your first comment is approved the next time you comment it will show through straight away.

Subscribing to get more:

Subscribing to this blog means you will get my weekly updates – there are two ways to do this.

1) By subscribing to my RSS feed you will just get what I publish on the travel blog section and no more. Not sure what an RSS feed is? Then read my guide on social media terminology.

2) You can also subscribe to my email updates which offers a lot more. You will get my weekly updates delivered to you via email. Plus a quarterly email newsletter featuring private journals, discount travel features, in-depth guides and my ebook The Longest Way Home ebook: Top places to travel & photograph.

Both of the above are completely free and there is zero spam.

What’s the best option? In my opinion it’s to get my updates by email.

To read more and sign up for my email subscription please visit my newsletter page.

Reading more …

This is just a brief tour of The Longest Way Home Travel Blog. I encourage you to use the category menu to the right and explore more. Or if you are looking for helpful travel guides visit the travel section on the top menu.

Most importantly I hope you enjoy reading about my journey, the photography and guides. Hopefully there’s something here for everyone to enjoy!

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2 Replies to “Welcome to The Longest Way Home Travel Blog: New Reader tour!”

  1. I just subscribed to your blog after reading your interview with Wade at Vagabond. I’m glad to have discovered you website.

    Please forgive me though, I do have one criticism. For me to read white on black is hard to do. I’m not sure why some bloggers do this, but it’s annoying. Sorry.

    But of course, it’s your blog, and I’ll tell me for you: “Michael, you can kiss my a…:-)”

    1. -Michael Crosby- Hi Mike, & welcome onboard.

      Glad to hear you found this site from Wade’s great vagabond journey!

      No need for forgiveness, you’re more than welcome to always give your honest opinions here. Not sure where the white on black is coming from though, as last I checked it’s a sort of burnt orange on black. I choose that color as I too hate reading white on black too, leaves white lines in my eyes! The black background works for the photos.

      Anyway, if even the “burnt orange” doesn’t do it for you then have a look at this page Where everything is black on white. But as you now subscribe (thank you) you’ll be getting everything black on white now too.

      So for today, there’s no need to kick your a … ;)

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