Nepalese bakeries, pastries & cakes

Monday, April 29th, 2013
Nepalese Cakes

Bakeries, pastries, cakes and sticky buns in Nepal Anywhere in Nepal where there are tourists you are sure to find a huge range of bakeries. Everything from double chocolate cake with walnuts to fresh buttered croissants are available fresh everyday. And they are really good either first thing in the morning or at a bargain price… Continue reading more »

Food from Nepal: Chicken Biryani

Thursday, June 14th, 2012
Chicken Biryani from Nepal (tourist version)

Chicken Biryani in Nepal Perhaps this is my most frequently eaten rice based dish in Nepal. It’s delicious, fast to order, not that spicy and quite nutritious! Perhaps more importantly it doesn’t change that much between restaurants meaning you can have some regularity with Chicken Biryani. There are however different types of Biryani ranging from mutton, fish and… Continue reading more »

Food from Nepal: Momos (tourist version)

Thursday, May 31st, 2012
A plate of Nepalese Momos

Momos are one of the most addictive & tasty foods you can find in Nepal Ask many a tourist what their favourite food in Nepal is and there’s a strong chance they’ll reply “Momos!” There’s a good reason for this. Momos in Nepal are delicious! There’s also a substantial difference in tourist or upper scale… Continue reading more »