Sacred Yamdrok Lake in Tibet – photograph

Yamdrok Lake in Tibet
Yamdrok Lake in Tibet
Yamdrok Lake – one of three sacred lakes in Tibet

Yamdrok Lake is one of three sacred lakes in Tibet

Located on the road (S307) between Lhasa to Gyantse is the natural fresh water lake known as Yamdrok. The lake is 45 miles in length and 200 feet in depth at an altitude of 16,000 feet. It’s part of three sacred lakes in Tibet and is used by monks when selecting a new Dalai Lama.

Yamdrok lake is best seen from a neighboring mountain which can be done if you are traveling from Nepal to Tibet overland or on a tour or Tibet from within China. In either case you are not given a lot of time looking at the lake.



The story behind this photograph

The three sacred lakes in Tibet are Lake Yamdrok, Lake Namtso and Lake Manasorova. It is said that Lake Yamdrok helps and guides Tibetans to find the reincarnated soul of the Dalai Lama. This occurs when the old Dalai Lama dies and monks go to the lake and pray. They then throw sacred thread and other objects into the lake which will give them a reflection that shows a map of where the new Dalai Lama can be found. 

Lake Yamdrok and the other two sacred lakes along with Lake Lhamo La-tso are also known as the “Great Wrathful Lakes” guarded by the goddess Dorje Gegkyi Tso. I found Lake Yamdrok to be very beautiful with several different shades of blue running throughout it.

Unless you are on an expensive and tour from China I would recommend to ensure your overland tour stops off at Lake Yamdrok.



You can learn more about traveling from Nepal to Tibet overland here.

Yamdrok Lake in Tibet
Yamdrok Lake in Tibet

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