Finding a hotel in Yazd, with an irate German

Published in: Iran | November 21st, 2007
View of Yazd City, Iran from the center (click to enlarge)

Travel Journal Overview: I arrived in Yazd not sure of what to expect. My new German travel mate was well behaved on the bus. Once we arrived, it all changed. Though, so did my travel. This was my last stop before Pakistan Before the 5am alarm call I was already awake. I think Chicago was… Continue reading more »

Segregation in Iran, on the buses

Published in: Iran | November 20th, 2007
Happy Children in Iran (click to enlarge)

Travel Journal Overview: It’s rare to experience segregation in most places these days. At least as part of the everyday life of a traveler.  When I came across it in Iran, it certainly had an effect. It was also during this time I was getting to know my new travel partner a little better. My… Continue reading more »

Persepolis awaits!

Published in: Iran | November 19th, 2007
Naqsh-e Rotam, Iran.  simply breathtaking (click to enlarge)

Travel Journal Overview: An early wake up call, and I finally get on the path of Alexander the Great. Persepolis awaits! Not to mention Naqsh-i Rostam a true half a world away. I slept poorly due to the noise outside, and the lack of sound proofing on my windows. There’s also been a German females… Continue reading more »

Arriving into Shiraz, Iran – via a dirty minded Iranian student

Published in: Iran | November 18th, 2007
Bazaar in Shiraz (click to enlarge)

Travel Journal Overview: On my bus from Esfahan to Shiraz I met up with a nice, but then very disturbing Iranian student. The alarm sounded at 4.15am and after a quick sweet cake I bought the night before I was soon in a taxi on the way to the bus terminal for the bus to… Continue reading more »

A conversation about Islam

Published in: Iran | November 17th, 2007
Prayer time (click to enlarge)

Travel Journal Overview: On my last night in Esfahan I decided to go back to Imam square, it is beautiful at night. There I was approached my two young men I’d actually met before. I was soon back to my old travel ways again. I settled in for the evening my one of the stone… Continue reading more »

End of the tour, shaking minarets, an Armenian Church, the 33 arch bridge

Published in: Iran | November 17th, 2007
The Shaking Minerets in Esfahan (click to enlarge)

Travel Journal Overview:A rather strange cultural scene with shaking minarets, the best church I’ve come across in my travels and back to those bridges Next up on the whistle stop tour: The Shaking Minarets, surely a highlight in many Iranian Tourists itinerary. At 11am a Mosque care taker would emerge on the roof, proceed to… Continue reading more »

Iranian nose jobs, Jameh Mosque and Zoroastrian fire temples.

Published in: Iran | November 17th, 2007
Zoroastian Fire temple (Shriaz)

Travel Journal Overview: My first introduction to Iranian nose jobs, yes they are common.  The wonderful Jameh Mosque. My first but not last Zoroastrian fire temple.   Iranian tours to meet some Iranians? I made it to the travel agent by 9am, after a rushed beefburger and bipsi breakfast. I was greeted by a solitary… Continue reading more »