The Fourth Kumari – last treasure of Bungamati

Published in: Nepal | November 4th, 2015
Kinjal Bajracharya, Kumari of Bungamati

The Fourth Kumari While many people have heard of the Kumari Living Goddess in Nepal, few more know that there are three main Kumaris in the Kathmandu Valley. Located in Kathmandu city, Bhaktapur and in Patan. What many people may not know about the Kumari culture is that there is a fourth, main, Kumari. The… Continue reading more »

Patan’s new skyline after the earthquake (photograph)

Published in: Nepal | October 29th, 2015
Patan's new cityscape in Nepal

Patan’s famous cityscape has not changed much! Patan, or Lalitpur as it’s known locally, is one of the central attractions in the Kathmandu Valley. It’s known as the “city of artists”. After the 2015 earthquake people said Patan had been flattened. This is simply not true. Patan lost over five temples. However some are not… Continue reading more »

A tourist’s guide to surviving the Dashain festival in Nepal (& the fuel shortage)

Published in: Nepal | October 20th, 2015
Nepalese man with a tika

Coming to Nepal during the Dashain festival? Here’s how to handle it It’s now Dashain in Nepal – commonly referred to as Nepal’s greatest festival.  However,  to a tourist,  you may not feel the same way. In fact, Dashain can be a serious annoyance to you on your holiday. That said, as with everything in Nepal,… Continue reading more »

A Nepalese Wedding in an Ancient Newari Temple

Published in: Nepal | October 14th, 2015
Nepal Wedding

Nepalese Weddings I’ve never been to an actual Nepalese wedding. I’ve come across a few, tentatively. Usually by accident on a Saturday when out for a walk. The most common sight is a tent, lots of ladies in colorful sarees and gents in suits. But as an outsider with a camera I never felt it… Continue reading more »

Celebrating Indra Jatra (Yenya) festival in Kathmandu

Published in: Nepal | October 1st, 2015
Kumari at Indra Jatra, Kathmandu, Nepal

Indra Jatra is Kathmandu’s largest festival After the Gai Jatra festival comes Indra Jatra. And between them are a number of smaller festivals and celebrations. Yes, this is Nepal’s peak time of year for festivals! For tourists visiting Nepal it is a unique opportunity to not only experience an awesome spectacle but also a chance to… Continue reading more »

Nepal Celebrates its New Constitution

Published in: Nepal | September 21st, 2015
Children celebrating Nepal's new constitution

Nine long years after Nepal’s civil war the people finally have a constitution About nine years ago I arrived in Nepal. The country had just ended a civil war, had removed a monarchy and were still battling Maoist violence. Bandas (strikes were common) as were riots and protests. For the following nine years political turmoil hindered nearly… Continue reading more »

25% off Nepal Guidebooks to mark the start of peak season!

Published in: Nepal | September 15th, 2015
Nepal Guidebooks

  25% off Kathmandu Valley Guidebook! September 15th marks the offical start to peak season in Nepal While some hoteliers will make you believe “September”, as in September 1st, is the start to the peak season in Nepal, it’s really September 15th. The reason for this is simple – sometimes the monsoon season hangs on… Continue reading more »