A quick tour around Lumbini’s temples

Published in: Nepal | April 9th, 2013
Taiwan Temple Lumbini

Lumbini’s Buddhist temples from around the world I must firstly admit I am not a huge fan of endless Buddhist temples. From Nepal, to Tibet, China and Thailand I’ve had my fill of the “Buddhist lifestyle.”  Expensively ornate temples, cars, gadgets, hidden monk romances and the appearance of more than several monk offspring tends to make one a little less at… Continue reading more »

Arriving into Lumbini to find a guesthouse

Published in: Nepal | April 1st, 2013
Inside bus arriving into Lumbini

Getting to Lumbini the local way to find a cheap guesthouse What would Lumbini be like? It’s the birthplace of Buddha - one of the most important “religious” figures in history. Though everyone told me it was not touristy it did seem like a lot of people go there. However once there everyone pretty much leaves straight… Continue reading more »

Mandala Street Kathmandu, rebuilding an ancient city the right way …

Published in: Nepal | March 26th, 2013
Mandala Street Kathmandu

Rebuilding the old world city of Kathmandu Nobody I know likes Thamel if they live in Kathmandu. It’s a clustered tourist zone. Filled with travel agents, trekking stores and over-priced souvenir shops. And it is a traffic nightmare. We all avoid it. The local government has been gridlocked in a debate about pedestrianizing the main streets… Continue reading more »

Food from Nepal: Momos (local version)

Published in: Nepalese food | March 21st, 2013
Local Momos from Nepal

Momos made the local Nepali way Is there a difference between local momos and momos made for tourists? Yes, quite a big one too! Hence when I first wrote about what’s the food like in Nepal I mentioned about giving examples between different versions of the same dish. Be it local food, tourist food or… Continue reading more »

What makes Bhaktapur such a great and charming place

Published in: Nepal | March 18th, 2013
Smiling man from Bhaktapur, Nepal

Bhaktapur is one of those rare places that still lives in an ancient world It’s very rare that I come across a place that’s been given a UNESCO world heritage site status and still find it a nice place to visit. Bhaktapur does more than scrape by in winning my approval. Yes in the middle… Continue reading more »

Food from Nepal: Aloo Chop & Puri

Published in: Nepalese food | March 14th, 2013
Aloo Chop & Puri from Nepal

Potato and bean Aloo Chop from Nepal Think Nepalese potato cake and you have the basics for Aloo Chop. Chop itself comes from India with I imagine routes going back well into the history of the potato. The Nepalese version of Chop is however very different to your average potato cake. As for puri? Well that’s… Continue reading more »

Pottery Square in Bhaktapur: where a traditional way of life still exists

Published in: Nepal | March 11th, 2013
Drying pots and potters hand in Bhaktapur

Making pots the old fashioned way in Bhaktapur’s pottery square It’s like a step back in time to visit Bhaktapur. Handicrafts are still made by hand here and not imported from China with a label stuck onto them. Traditionally spun and fired clay pots are a fine example of Bhaktapur’s thriving craft trades. It’s a fascinating process to watch. More perhaps… Continue reading more »