The disappearing temples of Pokhara

Published in: Nepal | January 6th, 2016
Old Bazaar Pokhara

Did you know that there are dozens of temples in Pokhara? Very few people explore Pokhara beyond the popular Lakeside area. It’s not hard to imagine why either as very little “old” culture is ever promoted there. An unfortunate result of big resort hotels and adventure activities outshining the past. Back in the mid 17th century… Continue reading more »

Saving the temples of Nepal with Digital Archaeology

Published in: Nepal | December 16th, 2015
Kathesimbhu Stupa in 3D

Digital Archaeology: saving the past for the future in Nepal Digital acquisitions enable us to capture the surface of an object in 3D along with its visual properties. These digital images collectively reform temples, monuments, shrines and artifacts into three-dimensional representations of geometric data. This includes not only structural modules but also textures, tones and in some cases… Continue reading more »

Nepal’s temples still lie in ruins

Published in: Nepal | December 9th, 2015
King Mall Column ruins Kathmandu Durbar Square

Nepal’s unique cultural history is becoming a distant afterthought Following the 2015 earthquakes in Nepal a huge humanitarian effort took place. Although over 9000 people lost their lives and thousands more were made homeless, a massive international program brought aid to the country. Priorities were in the right place. Amazingly as people looked to help… Continue reading more »

Seven Steps from Snowdon to Everest by Mark Horrell: book review

Published in: Reviews | November 27th, 2015
Seven Steps from Snowdon to Everest Cover

A hillwalkers ten year journey to climb Mount Everest There’s something wonderfully apt about reading a book largely based around the country you’re currently traveling in. Likewise there’s something addictive about the pinnacle of mountaineering that is the summit of Mount Everest. Who hasn’t thought about climbing Everest at least once in their lives? I’ve known Mark… Continue reading more »

Bhai Tika: Day five of Tihar in Nepal

Published in: Nepal | November 20th, 2015
Bhai Tika Puja in Nepal

Bhai Tika in Nepal Day Five of the week long Tihar festival in Nepal is when brothers and sisters bless each other. It’s the day after the fourth day of Tihar which is filled with blessings and the lighting of candles or lights. Today’s celebrations surround the family. Bhai in Nepalese means (younger brother). The elder sister will… Continue reading more »

Mha Puja: Day four of Tihar in Nepal

Published in: Nepal | November 19th, 2015
Sambat in Kathmandu

Mha Puja, Gobardhan Puja, OX festival and Newar New year! Day Four of the week long Tihar festival in Nepal comes after the cow festival and it’s when things get a little complicated. Essentially it’s the Ox festival, a celebration of oneself and when children come out in the evening asking, singing and dancing for money. Lights and rangoli are… Continue reading more »

The Cow festival: Day three of Tihar in Nepal

Published in: Nepal | November 18th, 2015
Cow covered in garlands in the Tihar festival in Nepal Tihar in Kathmandu

The Cow Festival or Gai Puja & Laxmi Puja Day Three of the week long Tihar festival in Nepal is comes the day after the festival of dogs when things really kick off. It’s a day of multiple celebrations. It’s important to note that this is when traditions differ slightly. Hindus and Newar sometimes celebrate the cow festival on… Continue reading more »