Traditional fruit seller in Pakistan

Published in: Pakistan, Photography | December 19th, 2014
Pakistani Fruit Vendor - Pakistan

Traditional fruit seller and scales in Pakistan When was the last time you saw a man weighing your fruit like this? If you look closely at the photograph you can see the weights for the scales and even a fruit knife. Moreover the leaves are all there for effect too. With the recent atrocities being… Continue reading more »

Woman harvesting rice in The Philippines

Published in: Philippines, Photography | December 18th, 2014
Collecting Rice - The Philippines

A woman taking rice from Banaue rice terraces If you visit the Philippines then a trip to the northern rice terraces in Banaue is a must. If not for the current views then do it before they disappear. Terrace farming is a part of a lost culture as many Filipinos prefer city life than country life. The… Continue reading more »

A River of Traffic in Lagos, Nigeria

Published in: Africa - the missing years, Photography | December 17th, 2014
Lagos Traffic - Nigeria

Everyday traffic in Lagos Nigeria This is one small section in Africa’s most populous country’s, Nigeria, largest city, Lagos. Its a never ending sea of human and motorized traffic. Yes this photograph looks great in color too. But for me the black and white takes a little bit of the vibrancy from it and replaces… Continue reading more »

The Iranian Ghost City of Kharanaq

Published in: Iran, Photography | December 16th, 2014
Mud City Oasis - Iran

An abandoned mud city in Iran There’s something intriguing about ghost cities, abandoned cities or simply deserted buildings. At least for me. Long before popular tours took over I visited Kharanaq in eastern iran in a beat up old car. Nothing like a bit of urban exploration in a mud city. The story behind this… Continue reading more »

Stilt house on a beach in Brookes Point, Palawan, The Philippines

Published in: Philippines, Photography | December 15th, 2014
Brookes Point - The Philippines

A house on stilts at dawn in The Philippines Palawan is renown as being one of the most beautiful islands in The Philippines. People get off the plane at Puerto Princesa and head north to the tropical beach fronts like El Nido and Sabang, Me? I go the opposite was to place few visit. The… Continue reading more »

Visiting the Chiang Dao Caves in North Thailand

Published in: Thailand | December 10th, 2014
Inside Chiang Dao Caves Thailand

Caves in North Thailand Back on the seat of a motorbike it’s only about 1.40 hours or 70km North of Chiang Mai to the Chiang Dao Caves in Chiang Dao province. Yes, it’s all Chiang Dao here including the city. Personally I prefer the nickname “City of Stars” which pertains to the limestone peaks that… Continue reading more »

Wat Jetlin (Chedlin) in Chiang Mai

Published in: Thailand | November 26th, 2014
Wat Jetlin or Chedlin in Chiang Mai Thailand

My favorite Wat in Chiang Mai is Wat Jetlin There’s rarely a buddhist temple in Thailand that doesn’t have more than one name. Wat Jetlin is also known as Wat Jet Lin, Wat Chedlin and Wat Nong Chalin. I’m going to call it by the name outside the main gates: Wat Jetlin. Located on Prapokkloa Road the… Continue reading more »