Breakfasts in Nepal – best in the world?

Published in: Nepalese food | June 24th, 2013
Hash brown breakfasts in Nepal

Breakfasts in Nepal: Muesli, bacon & eggs, pancakes, hash browns … Breakfasts when traveling are usually mundane affairs. Sure you can strike it lucky every now and then with an all you can eat buffet. Or even buy your own from a store. But for me it’s been a case of toast or light cereal with… Continue reading more »

Food in Nepal: A mutton curry to avoid

Published in: Nepalese food | June 17th, 2013
Mutton Curry Nepal

Mutton Curry from Nepal: I like mutton. Some of the best mutton dishes I’ve had have been in India and certainly the single best roast leg of mutton I ever had was in Pakistan. What then when I see mutton curry on a menu in Nepal? Pakistan, India … Nepal. Surely it would have a hint… Continue reading more »

How to bargain and barter in Kathmandu Nepal

Published in: How to guides ..., Nepal | June 5th, 2013
Souvenir statue of Buddha in Kathmandu

Bargaining and bartering is a way of life in Kathmandu and Nepal If you don’t like to bargain or barter and are planning to visit Nepal then good luck to you. Indeed there are many other places in the world where fixed pricing is not common. Indeed the art of bargaining is a way of… Continue reading more »

Food from Nepal: Chicken Reshami Kabab

Published in: Nepalese food | May 27th, 2013
Chicken Reshami Kabab

Chicken Reshami Kabab I first discovered this incredible dish back in 2008. You can see the original photo below. It amazed me. Tender succulent chicken wrapped in sugar string like candy floss. Served with a mint sauce and naan bread it’s one of the nicest chicken dishes I’ve ever had. The problem is I can find nothing out… Continue reading more »

The rising cost of entry fees into heritage sites in Nepal

Published in: Nepal | May 15th, 2013
Bhaktapur entrance and ticket prices

Should you pay an inflated entrance fee to a tourist area? You head down to Kathmandu’s Durbar square. The most famous heritage area among this old city’s long list of cultural charms. Old Newari buildings stand beside red bricked temples, a palace, a goddess’ house, a few places of worship and a giant public courtyard that’s an… Continue reading more »

Jobs & working in Kathmandu Nepal

Published in: How to live overseas, Nepal | May 2nd, 2013
UN workers car Kathmandu

How to get a job in Kathmandu Nepal? Before going any further I should point out that this article is mainly in relation to a “foreigner” seeking employment in Nepal. Though given the mass of Nepalese also seeking employment anywhere in Nepal there are some equally pivotal points of note here too. To the non-Nepalese I urge you to… Continue reading more »

Nepalese bakeries, pastries & cakes

Published in: Nepalese food | April 29th, 2013
Nepalese Cakes

Bakeries, pastries, cakes and sticky buns in Nepal Anywhere in Nepal where there are tourists you are sure to find a huge range of bakeries. Everything from double chocolate cake with walnuts to fresh buttered croissants are available fresh everyday. And they are really good either first thing in the morning or at a bargain price… Continue reading more »