Watching the Truck Painters of Pakistan, and moving on …

Published in: Pakistan | December 8th, 2007
A Pakistani Truck Painter

Travel Journal Overview: Recovering, and with my mind made up I got to visit one of the most inspiring of places that I’ve been. A truck garage. This entry has been rewritten under Stories: The Pakistani Truck Painters here you will find better editing and a lot of photographs This was one of my final… Continue reading more »

Purple projectile vomiting in Peshawar, yes I ate a kebab

Published in: Pakistan | December 6th, 2007
Great Kebabs in Pakistan ...

Travel Journal Overview: Travelers get sick, it comes with the territory. Purple vomit though? Not happy. Recoverable like most things. Watch a few movies and plan … After returning to the Rose from the Afghan camp I was surprised and happy to see that for once there was piping hot water in my bathroom. My… Continue reading more »

Afghan refugee camps in Peshawar

Published in: Pakistan | December 2nd, 2007

  Travel Journal Overview: After visiting the Khyber Pass, we were now in search of the Afghan refugee camps in Peshawar. Some were deserted, some full of life. I was at first disappointed. The area had indeed once been a refugees camp. Mud houses lined a roadside area and fell back my half a mile. But… Continue reading more »

Last traveler on the Khyber Pass

Published in: Pakistan | December 2nd, 2007
The Khyber Pass (click to enlarge)

Travel Journal Overview for The Khyber Pass: Please take into account this was during General Musharraf’s Emergency Rule, Iran was expecting George W. Bush to invade, Turkey was about to begin an offensive against the Kurds. And, a high ranking Afghan politican had just been assassinated a few days earlier when I arrived into Quetta.… Continue reading more »

Getting to know Peshawar

Published in: Pakistan | November 29th, 2007
Fruit seller in Peshawar

Travel Journal Overview: Peshawar is unlike any other city I’ve been too. It’s a multicultural torn up part of the world that opened it’s doors due to tribal rights. It reeks of tribal law, and an unknown element. It  is perhaps the quintessential border city. The TV next door seemed to be on all night,… Continue reading more »

Arriving in Peshawar in the dead of night

Published in: Pakistan | November 28th, 2007
Streets of Peshawar (click to enlarge)

Travel Journal Overview: Still on my 40 hour overland train, I arrived into Peshawar alone. A curfew was in place and I was roaming the streets. I also had a little face to face with few interesting characters and a jeep full of guns. Wonderful place. Arriving into Peshawar Pakistan on a train 10.30pm came… Continue reading more »

Quetta to Peshawar a 40 hour train trip with some interesting people

Published in: Pakistan | November 27th, 2007
Dinner vendors over the Hudus River, Pakistan

Travel Journal Overview:Not being able to travel through SWAT valley I had to take the 40 hour train trip that traversed most of the country just to get a few hours north to Peshawar. I  expected to be long and boring, instead it was a highlight. Our conversations ranged from the ancient history of Alexander’s… Continue reading more »