Living and relaxing in Goreme Turkey

Published in: Turkey | October 21st, 2007
Hot Air Balloons in Goreme, Turkey (click to enlarge)

We’d made it to Goreme, a place chill out and forget about visa woes. Parties ensued, and I relaxed for while. As it turned out, it was here trying to get away from it all, I’d find all the answers sitting right there.

Heading to Goreme, Cappadocia, land of troglodytes

Published in: Turkey | October 20th, 2007
Cave Houses in Gorme, Cappadocia, Turkey (click to enlarge)

I really was feeling the pressure here. visas were essentially dominating my mind set. I felt the pressure. Taking a time out, it turned out: helped in more ways than one!

Istanbul or not? On the trail for visas

Published in: Turkey | October 20th, 2007
Vegtable market in Turkey (click to enlarge)

Travel Journal Overview: It’s not at all strange how today’s politics can interfere with travel plans. Instead of enjoying my self and seeking out a great new opportunity for finding home, I had to get my visas sorted.  Again in my book it’s another turning point, not a major one. But a game of chance,… Continue reading more »

Arriving in Istanbul, an old city on the cusp of European life

Published in: Turkey | October 19th, 2007
The Blue Mosque Roof in Istanbul (click to enlarge)

Travel Journal Overview: I should have guessed better. But my first impressions of Turkey were not old school. They were of Istanbul’s thriving tourist trade, then again, it was the middle of Ramadan. After climbing up the hill to Old Sultanahmet we arrived at the hostel our French friend had recommended…well not exactly but it… Continue reading more »

A few hours on a train in Bulgaria

Published in: Bulgaria | October 14th, 2007
Bulgaria from a train (click to enlarge)

Travel Journal Overview: East Europe is indeed the place for trains. Cheap, fast, and comfortable. I had met a guy heading in a similar direction to me. So I skipped over Bulgaria by taking a train through it. I do now of course wish I had visited it. But as I reveal in my book,… Continue reading more »

Bucharest, a very different place – an eco warrior comes on board

Published in: Romania | October 10th, 2007
Heading down Ceaucesu

Travel Journal Overview: I was in another capital. I did a lot of research here about living in Romania not listed here. I found Bucharest very different to the North of Romania. Not by kinda place at all. I headed into downtown Bucharest with “Itchy Beard” in a search for food and a book store.… Continue reading more »

Bucharest by train, bloody tourists

Published in: Romania | October 10th, 2007
Artist at work in Romania (click to enlarge)

Travel Journal Overview: Traveling via east European trains is a great way to see the country. Unfortunately it’s also a place where you can meet obnoxious tourists. In my book this is the turning point I have in Europe about finding home. A little delay on the train meant I met a nice Romanian American… Continue reading more »