Emilio Scotto

A 10 year motorcycle adventure around the world

Man and machine traveling around the world. Emilio Scotto took this epic adventure to new lengths when he rode around the world on a motorbike for over 10 years visiting 214 countries and 28 territories. Emilio Scotto

About Emilio's record breaking journey

Born in 1956 in Argentina, at the age of 30 Emilio left his home with $300 to begin an epic 10 year motorcycle ride around the word. Leaving his job as a sales representative for a pharmaceutical company Emilio was well aware he'd never even traveled out of his country before.

in 1995 Emilio returned home after going through thirteen sixty-four page passports. And having married his girlfriend four years earlier in India.

The motorcycle that traveled for 10 years

Emilio's motorcycle was a 1100cc Goldwing interstate motorcycle (nicknamed black princess). It went through one replacement engine, nine seats, twelve batteries, seven hundred liters of oil, forty-two thousand liters of gasoline and eighty-six tires.

Highlights of the journey

Throughout his journey Emilio was imprisoned five times, arrested on suspicion of drug dealing, for being a spy in Rwanda and for being an agent of the Libyan leader Col. Gadhafi. His girlfriend Monica Pino joined him and they were married in India.

Emilio holds the Guinness record for the world’s longest motorcycle ride. For the record it spanned ten years, two-hundred and seventy-nine countries with a total distance of seven hundred and thirty-five thousand kilometers.

An incredible adventure that lives on ...

Emilio Scotto wrote a book of his adventure called The Longest Ride. Where he writes about his incredible journey along with over 200 photographs.

Today Emilio runs a travel company www.todoparaviajar.com where he takes other people to exotic locations around the world.

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I had the privilege of interviewing Emilio about his journey and thoughts on travel today. It's an interesting interview great modern traveler award. Read more about Emilo Scotto during this great interview with a man than took the brass ring of travel and drove it around the world: Interview with Emilio Scotto

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