Christina Rivera "Solbeam"

Soul searching travel written a good way

Have you ever come across that traveler who's out there trying to find the best things in life? If like me you come across them and promptly turn the other way for fear of being bored to death with someone else's plight at what we all go through. Then you will want to read Christina's insight into this world. It's done very well.


An old school travel blog?

Christina's site is about as insightful as you can get into someone's life. She is also a great writer. How many times have we started reading a blog only to get bored after a few minutes? I would like to lay claim to the fact that this will not happen on Christina's website. If it does, you don't like reading about a journey.

Speckled with her great photography, and lush descriptions, Christina writes about her pursuit in life that has thus far has taken her through seven years of adventure through over 35 countries. During this time she delved into volunteer work, language learning, scuba diving, Eastern philosophy, 'experiential education' and photography. What's more Christina describes how its through this pursuit that she has been learning the lessons on life that one can never find in university textbooks. How much more new age can you get... Well, read on, this is refreshingly different.

Travel blog vs Travelogue

Another difference making note about Christina is the genuine honesty in which she writes. She has no aspirations of entertaining us, making money, being popular or enlightening anyone. She is simply documenting travel though her own eyes. It's through this honesty that we can see Christina being liked as a person, there is simply no other way of looking at her any differently.

This is also one heck of huge website/blog with archives going back to 2001. In other words, she has a story to tell, and its worth a read. From China and Nepal to Central and South America Christina follows her path in pursuit of a Personal Legend.

Read the disclaimer on to catch a glimpse of this traveler at their best in wit and writing. If you enjoy travel, and good writing, this is a good stop over for you. If you're searching for something out there, then pull up and add solbeam to your favorites/bookmarks and taken in this modern day great travel pilgrims epic. Here's the website - Solbeam

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