Wade Shepard

Perpetual world traveler ...

Wade Shepard has been traveling for over 12 years over nearly 50 countries A qualified archeologist and journalist Wade is also the creator and editor of the successful emagazine: Vagabond Journey Geographica.

wild frontiers

The old school modern traveler

Wade breaks the mold of what many perceive to be modern day travel. Not only does he do it perpetually, but he's done it on a budget perhaps like no other traveler out there at the moment. What's more, he's documented it all.

Wade Shepard

From dumpster diving to carrying a water filter around to save on costs, Wade has been at the bottom rung of travel. Yet, he's also been at the top and worked on exclusive tropical island resorts and has traveled with princes.

Covering just about every conceivable angle of travel, Wade broke into family travel when he married Chaya and had Petra, their baby daughter.

Now, Wade and family are all on board for a life of perpetual travel, and proving to the world it can be done.

Creating a living while traveling around the world

With over 3,000 viewers a day, Vagabond Journey has become a much sought after travelers field guide. Hosting online forums, questions and answer sessions, and hosting other travel blogs. It's a travel information goldmine.

What's more, Wade has created his travel empire from the road, on a limited budget, earned through travel.

Now he continues with a family that's become apart of his travel business.

For those that say this life cannot happen today, I say take a look at the Great Modern Traveler: Wade Shepard.

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Update: I've had the opportunity to talk with Wade about his life in travel. It's an insightful interview that I recommend - Interview with Wade Shepard