Jonny Bealby

Wonderbiker, wonderhorseman...

Inspired by a book his girlfriend gave him Jonny started off traveling across remote parts of India and Pakistan and into war-torn Afghanistan following along the path of Rudyard Kipling's "The Man Who Would Be King". Through this experience Jonny wrote his own book "A Pagan's Song", about the journey.

wild frontiers

Sadly that same girlfriend died in Jonny's arms when they were traveling Kashmir together. Two years later and Jonny was still searching for answers. He headed off with a friend into Africa motorbike. What was meant to be a duo trip turned into a solo trip due to an accident. Jonny took on Africa and battled with both this great continent and with his own demons on an incredible overland journey.

From traveler to travel business

Jonny is a bit of an entrepreneur as well. He's been the lead singer in a rock band and is a sound engineer by trade. In last big documented journey he had a go at movie making and set about a documentary about his journey along the old silk road with a total stranger on horseback. It's a great story that's pretty in your face when it comes to travel relations and personal expectations.

To cap it all off Jonny has done what a lot of travelers would love to do. He made the travel lifestyle his business. These days Jonny runs an award-winning adventure travel company that spans the globe for those seeking tailor made adventures! He is in fact living the lifestyle so many travelers yearn for. Perhaps what would be more interesting is if Jonny wrote a forth book on his life within this company and the very many adventures he's had there ...

Jonny Bealby the author

I was just out of Africa myself when I came across Jonny Bealby's book "Running with the Moon". In which he details his great Africa overland adventure. Not only is the book a great read for those that like travel or adventure books, but also for anyone thinking of taking a trip across Africa either by bike or car. thoroughly recommend "Running with the Moon", and "Silk Dreams Troubled Road". They are both excellent reads in their own right, and make great traveling companions. Unfortunately I have not been able to get my hands on "A Pagan's Song". Here's the website - Wild Frontiers

Update: I've had the opportunity to talk with Jonny about his life in travel. It's an insightful interview that I recommend - Interview with Jonny Bealby

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