A List of Great Modern Travelers

The Hall of Fame for some great modern travelers

There are many many great travelers out there from all walks of life. Both past and present. I admire them for what they do. I imagine if you are reading this you too have an interest in either travel, or possibly very bored sitting in an office somewhere! Inspiration from some travelers in the past, and today helps both ways ;-)

How Great Modern Travelers got started

During a brief stop over in a country; I wrote up some articles on my travel blog about people I either found admiration for, was inspired by, or felt deserved a mention.


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Who are the Great Modern Travelers?

Just below is my list of Great Modern Travelers. If nothing else maybe you will find someone new here to read about and discover. At its best I hope they can provide you with some inspiration in your own quest through this rich and varied planet people travel around.

List of Great Modern Travelers

Introduction to this list | Karl Bushby | Jason Elliot | Christina Rivera | Jonny Bealby | Manon Ossevoort | Kinga Choszcz | Christoph Rehage | Ross Pringle | Ted Simon | Wade Shepard | André Brugiroux | Emilio Scotto

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