Christoph Rehage

Walking through China

Christoph Rehage was a 27 year old from Hanover, Germany at the start of this journey. His college major was in China Studies, hence the reason he probably started off in China! He had planned to spend two years walking via Beijing to Western China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Armenia, Turkey, and then to Germany.


What I like about this guy is that it was a new journey. He's tried to do it for himself, and not mounting it on a charity or another worthy cause. He traveled because he wanted to. Simple as that.

Christoph is quite the photographer too and has some great not so typical images to share. It sometimes makes me wonder why I never hear of some folks out there.

You'd think with a website like his it would be easy to find in regards to looking for great travelers. I guess in the reality of databases, tags and listings the term travel might not have been linked with overland which was not tagged with great. Here's the website - The Longest Way

Update: Journey Canceled Things changed in October 2008 for Christoph. Due to cold conditions and some personal issues he returned to Germany. His walk from China to Germany was not completed. I've been in contact with Christoph and he's doing all the better now he's returned to Germany.

Update 2: Christoph has now returned to University to finish a degree over the next two years. He is posting a few back stories on his blog and released a great montage video about growing a beard over his 1 year walk.

What we learn from travel we take with us throughout life. Christoph did not complete his journey. This does reduce his attempt as a great traveler. There are plenty of people who set off and do not make it or the journey takes on a new route. Hopefully we learn from this, and make something of it in the attempt.

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