Food from Nepal: Banana Pancake

by Dave from The Longest Way Home ~ January 10th, 2013. Published in: Travel blog » Food around the world » Nepali food.
Banana Pancake from Nepal

Banana Pancake from Nepal

Real pancakes make a seriously good breakfast in Nepal

I’ve heard the jokes and presumptions about having pancakes in Asia. Personally I could care less. I like pancakes and they make an awesome breakfast. In touristy Nepal they are a popular, well made and filling breakfast.

Are they a traditional Nepalese dish? No. Are they widely available to visitors in Nepal? Yes.

I like them. I eat them. I feel good! Nothing wrong with that at all.

Pancakes in Nepal – the secret to finding the ultimate pancake breakfast

Pancakes are available wherever there are tourists. From the big cities to many of the trekking routes with tea houses. The most popular pancakes are plain with honey, apple and banana. I will categorically state I don’t like banana pancakes. I like plain with honey.

The best apple pancakes are found on the trails along the Annapurna mountains. Apples are grown abundantly there. The little red and green sweet ones known as Marpha apples in particular.

Pancake from Nepal

Pancake from Nepal – try it plain with honey!

They are okay, but much like banana pancake can be a little dry.

Nepalese honey is fantastic. Sadly it’s often substituted with cheap Chinese or Indian honey. Find someone selling Nepalese honey that’s not watered down or mixed with sugar and you are in for a treat!

Try pancakes at your guesthouse rather than a restaurant

Many of the more famous and guidebook listed restaurants in Kathmandu have pancakes or even waffles for breakfast. Most are ridiculous in price. Try your hotel or guesthouse as they might surprise you.

Anyone knowing about good pancakes will know real butter is a key ingredient. Ask wherever you are if they use butter to make their pancakes. Then ask for the brand name to catch out the pretenders!

Many local guesthouses will use fresh real ingredients. Just ask to be sure.

Average pancake prices start at 100 rupees and move on up!

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11 Great responses to Food from Nepal: Banana Pancake

  1. Jan says:

    Looks gorgeous, could do with one now!

  2. Emma says:

    Banana pancakes!!! Yummy! We had them in Cambodia and Thailand. Can’t get them at home. But easy to make yourself. Now you know what I’m doing Sunday morning :)

  3. Combat-Girly says:

    I miss it plain with maple syrup…!

  4. Malcom says:

    I think pancakes are one of the most underrated breakfasts in the world! Love the things.

  5. Peter L says:

    There is nothing better than getting a good breakfast during travel. These Pancakes are mostly used in breakfast in Nepal like Paranthas in India.

  6. Paul says:

    You’ve hit the nail on the head with this one Dave. I’m all for opening one’s mind, experiencing new things, eating local and authentic foods but you know what, sometimes you just want what you know and like, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

    I also find that on many occasions, you’ll order something you like that isn’t particularly “local” at first glance, then realise that they put their own spin on things in that part of the world and it’s actually a little different. E.g. kebabs with chips inside them is the standard deal in Lyon – I’d never seen that done before!