Food from Nepal: Makhmali Kebab (chicken)

by Dave from The Longest Way Home ~ May 17th, 2012. Updated on May 29th, 2012. Published in: Travel blog » Food around the world » Nepali food.
Makhmali Kebab (chicken) from Nepal

Makhmali Kebab (chicken) from Nepal

Makhmali Kebab or Murg Chicken Kebab from Nepal

With its origins firmly rooted in India Makhmali Kebab has found its way into many a Nepalese menu for good reason.

Makhmali is very delicious without being too overpowering in either spice nor heat thus it makes for a wonderful dinner.

What is Makhmali or Murg chicken Kebab made from?

Unlike a lot of Nepalese chicken dishes Makhamali is made from boneless chicken. Marinated in a paste of garlic, green chili, nutmeg, yogurt and masala spice it’s baked while being kept moist by butter. 

Served with naan it’s often accompanied with fresh lemon and a side dish of creamy mint sauce or curd (yogurt). It’s one of the few chicken dishes in Nepal where the side dishes actually work wonderfully in giving you a fantastic sensation of flavors.

Serving Makhamli the local way

You are given several toothpicks to pick up the pieces of chicken with to dip into your mint sauce.

Ask for a side dish of yogurt or curd if it’s not provided with the meal as it really does give an extra taste sensation.

I found plain naan bread the best to eat with Makhmali Kebab as there is already garlic or butter with the chicken. Use the naan to eat the remaining sauce and left over chicken spices on your plate!

Why does Makhmali Kebab have two names?

I will stand corrected on this but when Nepalese and Indian culinary cultures mix so too does the food. Murg means made in many ways. Makhmali kebab can be made with slight variations. And as it stands it’s not that much of a commonly found dish internationally. Makhmali is also the name of a flower found in Nepal and a surname.

How all these things combine? Only ones imagination can figure it out. I do know that in Nepal Makhmali is the more commonly found name for this dish rather than Murg.

However no matter the name if you see Makhamali Kebab or Murg/Murgh Makhmali Kebab on a menu in Nepal go for it! It’s really one of the smoothest tastiest chicken dishes I’ve found here.

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12 Great responses to Food from Nepal: Makhmali Kebab (chicken)

  1. BB Travels says:

    I love curd or yogurt with food. The tart flavor really adds something special.

  2. Anna's World says:

    Indian food and Nepalese look very similar, have you noticed what the big differences are?

  3. Posts on Nepal always brings me out of the woodwork! This does look really good – and you can certainly tell that it originated from India. Still, another food that doesn’t beat my Kathmandu Momo’s :-)

  4. Janice says:

    Looks delicious and so fresh. How is the naan bread in Nepal compared to India or Malaysia?

  5. Swye says:

    If you enjoy Nepali dishes, you should really try mutton barbecue aka “sekuwa”. It’s heavenly. I’ve never had any barbecue anywhere that beats it. “Bajeko Sekuwa” near the airport, or “Airport Sekuwa” or this one place in Putali-sadak (can’t remember the name) would be some of the best places to get it. It comes with spiced garlic, pickled radish and puffed rice. Hmmm…my mouth is watering as I write this.

  6. Nisha says:

    Do you know what “Makhmal” means? It is velvet. So the kebab has to be very soft and should almost melt in our mouths. :)