Breakfasts in Nepal – best in the world?

Bacon Breakfast in Nepal
Hash brown breakfasts in Nepal
Hash brown breakfasts in Nepal – there are no bigger!

Breakfasts in Nepal: Muesli, bacon & eggs, pancakes, hash browns …

Breakfasts when traveling are usually mundane affairs. Sure you can strike it lucky every now and then with an all you can eat buffet. Or even buy your own from a store. But for me it’s been a case of toast or light cereal with slim pickings more than anything else.

In Nepal that’s not the case. I’ve never been to a country where there’s more available for breakfast than here. Moreover the servings are huge. Possibly too huge. But … that’s the way I like them. And they available in nearly every guesthouse and restaurant in Nepal.

It’s not “local” traditional food – it’s tourist food. But that’s what we are here as isn’t it?!

Here are the best Breakfast restaurants in Kathmandu to get you started!

Muesli & Curd from Nepal
Muesli & Curd from Nepal

Big breakfasts before a day of traveling around

For trekking or a day out travelling a cities sights I go for heavy energy feasts. Muesli and curd or pancakes usually do the trick. But if I’m really in need of a jumbo breakfast I’ll go all out for hash-browns and eggs.

Muesli & curd: Usually hand-made muesli here is a combination of oats, rye, dried rice, raisins and a mix of nuts. The curd, which is kind of like a yogurt only better, is thick and creamy.  This is my day-to-day staple!

Pancakes: Thick and heavy honey pancakes will keep you going for hours. Or for extra flavor try apple or Nepal’s infamous banana pancakes.

Hash browns and eggs: Don’t think of USA style hash browns here. Think potato chunks boiled then fried with mixed veg along with fried eggs and thick bread. It’s a bit of wait for the cooks to make this and it takes a lot of time to eat it.

If you are thinking of skipping lunch then this breakfast will keep you going all day!

Special treat breakfasts in Nepal:

Muesli with fruit curd: Same as above but with fresh fruits like orange, apple and grapes.

Croissants with coffee:  Available in cafes more than guesthouses – treat yourself to morning fresh croissants with some rich Himalayan highland coffee.

Bacon breakfast: Delicious fried bacon, eggs, toast, juice and coffee or tea. Enough to keep you eating until lunch time!

Bacon breakfast in Pokhara
Bacon breakfast in Pokhara overlooking lake Phewa Lake

How to enjoy a good breakfast in Nepal

Take your time. On a day off  from traveling or to catch up on some sun pick a place such as your guest houses garden or roof top terrace. Order one of these giant breakfasts with a pot of coffee or tea. Then sit back and relax with a good book for the morning.

Bacon breakfast in Kathmandu
The best bacon breakfast in Kathmandu?

There are few places nicer to for this than a quiet place over looking lake Phewa in Pokhara’s lakeside.

Great breakfasts are available everywhere in Nepal

What’s really great about breakfasts in Nepal is that they are available everywhere. It’s a tourist stable in a country that caters to the needs of its number one industry. Take advantage of what’s on offer – it’s cheap and great!

Forget the simple continental  breakfast of a slice of dry toast and watered down coffee with re-constituted juice.

Enjoy the great fresh full breakfasts Nepal has on offer. I’ve never come across a country to offer so much for breakfast so easily. Every good guesthouse and restaurant in Nepal will have all these and more on offer.

It’s no wonder I have no problem in saying the best breakfasts in the world are found in Nepal!

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  1. Nepal is one of the countries in Asia where many tourists would want to see at least once in their lifetime. It has a fascinating history and culture, stunning sighting and of course sumptuous foods. This country is a must see!

  2. I can’t even get some decent bacon breakfast in Manchester! How much is it in Kathmandu?

  3. Wow! I’ve never seen hash browns like that. I wonder how they came up with that?

  4. Wow those breakfasts look amazing … I always end up with toast and jam … Always a disappointment!

  5. Totally agree. I’m sick of pathetic breakfasts when travelling. I always end up heading to a bakery to top up! Nepal seems to have it made!!

  6. That shot over the lake sold it for me. I want a week or two of that!!

  7. Fully agree – the top photo does it for me. Looks amazing. Is it spicy?

  8. Tried the Nepalese hashbrown & they are tasty. Agreed that they took a long time to be prepared.. so does most of the meals (especially during the trek)…at least had freshly cooked food & no stomachache problem.
    i had a good time reading your blog, came across your blog when i was searching for trekking info in Nepal
    thanks for sharing all the info, really helpful

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  10. Yum…enjoying a breakfast like those pictured, then sitting back to relax and enjoy a book is my idea of a pleasant morning. Thanks so much for sharing!

  11. Wow, thanks for these articles on nepal food!! Sounds funny but I was on the fence about going, and these make me want to go :) For me, food weighs in as a factor in my travel decisions. I especially love good breakfasts!

  12. Nice post i have been there 2 times and agree with uyou food quality in Nepal is good and not much Costly .

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