Food from Nepal: Dal Bhat (trekking version)

Trekking Dal Bhat
Trekkers Dal Bhat
Trekkers Dal Bhat

Dal Bhat from the mountains of Nepal

If you are looking for lovely touristy photos of Dal Bhat then please read this Dal Bhat (tourist version). Meanwhile as you read this I’m up a mountain and probably have been eating something similar to the Dal Bhat you see above!

The photo above is typical Dal Bhat that you will be served when trekking in Nepal.What is the main difference between this and the tourist version? Read on …

What’s inside Dal bhat from the mountains

Sharing Dal Bhat on a trek
Sharing Dal Bhat on a trek

Dal bhat is Nepal’s staple meal. If you’ve seen the tourist version then you’ll know it looks magnificent and tastes great. If you’ve seen the local version you’ll know it’s nothing to get excited about.  When out trekking dal bhat changes again.

Gone are the ample chunks of meat and in come the extra portions of vegetable. Mainly depending on the season it’s usually spinach that’s on offer.

Inside a plate of trekkers Dal Bhat:

  • Dal – soup
  • Bhat – rice
  • Curry – curried vegetable(or meat if you are lucky)
  • Vegetable – main order of vegetable

Dal Bhat when trekking in Nepal

The price of dal bhat when trekking goes up the further away from the main city you go. It’s to do with the transport of the ingredients. This is especially true if you want meat with your dal bhat. This alone can up the price by 200 rupees.

My advice is to avoid the meat versions when trekking.

A) you don’t know how long it’s been sitting around B) it’s usually very bony or has chunks of skin and fat more than meat.

Travel Tip:

I carry a half kilo of Yak cheese with me when trekking and use that with my dal bhat to make up for the lack of meat.

There are other meals on offer when trekking. However Dal bhat is my number one choice for lunch everyday.

Why? Well, it’s always available. It’s super filling. And you get free refills!

Yes eat as much as you want. More rice, more vegetable, more pickle no problems.

This alone makes Dal Bhat the ideal trekking food for those burning up the calories in the mountains!

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  3. There’s quite a difference between the two. Are you going to show the local version too?

  4. Nice tip about the yak cheese. I just have to ask! What does it taste like?

  5. I seriously on the mode to search the recipe for these. I think they look simple enough to try homemade. :)

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  8. Great advice about the meat. OF course we would not want to get stomach problems when we’re out trekking Lol. Thanks for your tip! Hopefully we can get a taste of Dal Bhat!

  9. With trekking a large amount of carbohydrates is always a good call and that Dhal looks better than spaghetti and instant sauce.

  10. i miss being back to my country and having those delicious meals everyday.amazing article..thanks for showing your concern about Nepalese food. :)

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