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Find inspiration in travel journeys

Travel milestones that inspire us all

From short hops and vacations to year long round the world trips and overland travel adventures or memorable stories. We seek to make the most of our lives. Indeed, even before we travel the very idea inspires us.

Whether we like to read about others on journeys that span the globe, or we envisage ourselves in foreign continents and countries you will find it here. On this page you find great ideas, inspiring people, and motivational lives that can enrich and inspire our own.

Stay here and explore your imagination. Discover a world of inspiring travel journeys, ideas. Live vicariously through others or and feel the rush as you start making your own dreams a reality.

Historic overland journeys you can travel today

Nepalese women traveling overlandFrom crossing the sahara to following one of the many silk routes in history. Pole to Pole or travel from the UK to Australia overland. Historic journeys can motivate us to accomplish something great.

» On the following page you'll find outlines and maps of some epic overland journeys you can do today - » overland travel routes

» Find your very own inspirational overland travel route here - » How to find an inspirational travel journey

» So you have an idea! Now it's time to learn how to plan it - » How to plan an overland travel journey

» So you have an idea! Now it's time to learn how to plan it - » How to plan an overland travel journey

» Interested in my own overland journey map? Check it out - » My huge overland travel map

Great modern travelers today

Great Modern Travelers BadgeFind inspiration through people that have done some great & unique things.

The following travelers each have fascinating stories and journeys for you to follow. From Karl Bushby's epic ongoing 12 year walk, to Ted Simon re-living a motorcycling adventure in his 70's.

These are no ordinary travelers: these are the » Great Modern Travelers

Karl Bushby | Jason Elliot | Christina Rivera | Jonny Bealby | Manon Ossevoort | Kinga Choszcz | Christoph Rehage | Ross Pringle | Ted Simon | Wade Shepard | André Brugiroux

Living abroad

Living in The PhilippinesSo you want to take the next step, and live abroad?

Well, that's my goal! Here are some articles about things I've learned so far

The Philippines Experience - » Living in The Philippines

Singapore: » Is Singapore the utopian solution?

Malaysia: » What would it be like to live in Malaysia?

Nepal: » What is it like to live in Nepal?

West Africa: » Living in Africa

Long-Term Travel

Iranian Mud CityPlanning an epic long-term journey? Take a read of what to expect over the years ...

» The 5 stages of long-term travel

» When locals get tired of you: social integration gone wrong

» Miscommunication of Travel & Life Overseas

» What happens when you get food poisoning in Asia?

» Delusional happy smiles don't work with travel

» Restrictions on photography: Where you can and cannot photograph while traveling

» Death & Travel: Preparing for the ultimate journey … just in case

» Lot's more about long term travel found here - » Long term travel articles

Travel Stories

truck painters from PakistanLastly we go back to the start. Is there no better inspiration for travel than stories about travel itself and the people we meet?

Visit one of the first page of The Longest Way Home and recall some "old school" travel stories!

Some highlights from my own journey:

Going off the rails in Portugal at the start - Desert adventures in Morocco - The Nigerian Experience, on death's bed - Kicking off again in Portugal - Finally seeing Auschwitz/Birkenau, the salt mines - Carpathian Mountains, Transylvania - The visa runs in Turkey - The lone border crossing into Iran, the syrians, breaking down, Yazd desert - Crossing alone into Emergency Rule in Pakistan, getting kicked off the bus in the desert, arriving into Quetta during a riot, the 40 hour train trip, the last Khyber Pass trip, Wagha border - The Golden Temple, Varanasi - Arrival into Pokhara, discovering the feeling of home in Nepal, the Annapurna mountains, high altitude sickness, arriving into Kathmandu during the riots, getting stuck in the riots, Tibet / China snow storms and permit runs - The Tibetan landscape, Everest, getting caught in the riots in Lhasa, escaping Lhasa, taking the highest train in the world - Finding the Chinese Pyramids, the Great Wall, the Forbidden city, reaching my end goal in Shanghai - Living on island - Social integration abroad - Exploring the unseen - face to face with an orangutan - losing my health - a new search - from living goddess to former kumari - first travel guide books sold ...

Latest updates can my found on my long-term travel blog.

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My Overland Map

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Chefchaouen, Morocco
  Men wearing jellaba in Chefchaoen
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Travel Stories
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