Why visit a dentist in Chiang Mai?

Many people visiting Thailand on holiday also add in a dental visit too. The reasons are two fold. Dentists in Thailand are good by world standards. Dentists in Thailand are also relatively cheap. Add in Chiang Mai's pleasant environment and you have a great place to get a check-up, clean or some extra work done.
Dentists office in Chiang Mai Thailand
Temple of the Emerald Buddha inside the Grand Palace Grounds

The hardest thing about finding a dentist whilst in Chiang Mai is who to trust. There are many dentists there all looking clean, modern and viable. However there's always that feeling just before you go in off "I don't know this person". Can I trust them?.

Everyone has different dental needs, standards and experiences. Below I'll let you know what to watch out for in choosing a dentist in Chiang Mai. I'll also list a few recommended dentists that I and others I know have been to over the years.

Ultimately it will be up to you on who you choose. Don't be afraid to get a second opinion or visit meet with the dentist first.

Did you know?

Thailand is known as "the land of a thousand smiles"

What to look out for when choosing a dentist in Chiang Mai

There are several different types of dentist in Thailand. "Tourist", cosmetic, family, and local are the mainstays.

Unless you speak Thai the local dentist (who is the cheapest) won't be of much use to you. So that leaves just three main types.

"Tourist" dentist: These will usually be slightly flash clinics with modern equipment. Many are starting to appear around Chiang Mai. There's nothing wrong with their services other than the inflated price. I'd be wary of these places.

Cosmetic dentist: Very popular in Thailand and Asia as a whole. These dentists are primarily concerned with making "Hollywood" type smiles. There's a high chance if you go in just for a clean they'll try to convince you that veneers, braces and other things are needed too.

Family dentist: These are my preferred type of dentist in Chiang Mai. They are mid to high end local dentists that are more interested in strong, clean and good teeth than anything else. They perform everything all the other dentists do but concentrate more on good general dentistry.

No matter what dentist you decide on it's still important that you choose the right one. Make sure the dentist is qualified. Avoid those back alley dentists with plenty of layers of dust on the windowsills.

Don't be afraid to see more than one dentist for a consultation. It's better to get two opinions for 400 baht than listen to the first dentist and have 4,000 baht worth of work done.

Ask for a dental quotation. Nearly all dentists have a price list. If not, ask for one.

Before choosing a dentist do a quick search online about them. You'll be surprised how a popular search for "dentists in Chiang Mai" will bring up paid for ads. Search instead for forums where people discuss their experiences.

Finally make sure you have adequate health insurance. While a general check up is not covered if an emergency occurs you should make sure you are covered. I recommend World Nomads for travel insurance.