About Lumphini Park

Built by King Rama VI in the 1920's it's over 142 acres of green grass, trees, playgrounds with an artificial lake in the middle.

Lumphini park
Lumphini park - a welcome touch of nature in Bangkok city

The park is free to enter. No cars, motorcycles, hawkers, smoking or dogs are allowed. Bicycles are only allowed during the day. So yes Lumphini park is a welcome rest from the chaos of the big city.

The park is often host to outdoor activities by the stage areas. This is also a popular location for demonstrators though it's usually very peaceful.

Did you know?

There's a statue of King Rama VI just outside the park

Lumphini park was named after the birthplace of Buddha in Lumbini, Nepal

Things to do in Lumphini park

  • Locals and tourists alike are free to roam around the park enjoying the cool breeze along with the tranquility of the park
  • Go for a walk/run along one of the parks many pathways
  • Rent a small rowing, foot paddle or arm paddle boat (40 bhat per hour) to use out on the lake
  • Sit out on the grassy embankments (hire a mat for 30 bhat). There is also plenty of free seating available in the park
  • Children can use the playground in the park
  • There's an outdoor weight room for those that want to keep fit
  • Cultural craft stalls are often on show at the parks entrance
  • Join in one of the early evening outdoor keep fit classes in the area from aerobics, tai-chi to yoga and dancing

Directions to Lumphini park

Opening Hours: 04:30 - 21:00
Location: Rama IV Road, Pathumwan

MRT: The Silom MRT stop has an exit to just outside Lumphini park.

BTS: The Sala Daeng BTS station is just across the road from Lumphini park

Tips for Lumphini park

Purchase any drinks or snacks you need outside the park as stalls selling them are often banned from being sold inside the park. There's quite a few vendors just be the main entrance.

Do not feed the monitor lizards that swim in the lake and sometimes come out for a walk! They are not known to bite people but they can be aggressive so stay clear.

Don't go sunbathing. It might be tempting in the big city to strip off but it's not allowed.

The park's opening hours are 05.00 - 21.00 Mon-Sun.

Local events are often held at the park. Wearing a facemask if attending is encouraged.

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