Shopping in Bangkok

Bangkok offers one of the greatest shopping experiences in the world. With dozens of giant shopping centers spread across the city and each one selling different products, so it's important to know which one sells what you need or want to look for. There's over 150 shopping centers listed on this page and 19 fully reviewed to help get you started!

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About Shopping in Bangkok

Next to beautiful temples, exotic food and late nights out Bangkok is perhaps best known for its great shopping bargains.

Inside MBK Center, Bangkok
Inside MBK Center - the most visited shopping center in Bangkok

From world renown Thai silk to designer name brands. Bargain basement electronics and everything in between Bangkok really does have something for everyone in terms of shopping.

You could easily spend a week in Bangkok just visiting shopping centers for full days out. However, if you are just visiting Bangkok on holiday perhaps you'd like to save some time and know where to easily go for the specific things you are looking for at good prices? That's the purpose of this guide to shopping in Bangkok.

Later on I'll cover suggested Bangkok shopping itineraries so you can easily make your way between all the shopping centers without getting lost or wasting time.

Firstly here are the best malls and markets in Bangkok with a brief breakdown on what they sell and where to find the best bargains.

Malls & Shopping Centers in Bangkok reviewed

The following malls and shopping centers in Bangkok sell just about everything. However, some are renowned for certain items more than others, which will be listed next to each shopping center description.

Please note, it is mandatory to wear a facemask in shopping centers.

MBK Center (Mahboonkrong)

MBK Center, BangkokMBK is perhaps Bangkok's most popular shopping mall for tourists. Its eight stories contain over 2000 retail stores. Tokyu department store is also located within the MBK complex. Stores within MBK sell everything from genuine goods to known counterfeit items.

What is sold in MBK Center: Clothing, shoes, leather goods, cosmetics, jewelry (all designer & non-branded), hairstyling, spas, DVD's, electronics, new & refurbished mobile phones, cameras, souvenirs.

Best things to buy in MBK Center: Phones, clothing, souvenirs.

Things to do in MBK Center: International food court, food island, multiplex cinema, spas, hairdressers, arcade gaming center.

Tips for shopping in MBK Center: Bargain hard and watch out for fake things. For a cheap place to eat, try "Food Island" on the 6th floor rather than the International Food Court on the 5th floor.

How to get to MBK Center: The shopping mall is located at National Stadium BTS station or Hua Chang pier.

MBK Center opening hours: Mon-Sun 10.00-22.00.

Siam Paragon

Siam Paragon, BangkokSiam Paragon is a huge mall close to Siam Center and MBK that contains specialty outlets selling genuine items. The shopping complex also boasts a large selection of indoor activities. Think of Siam Paragon as being a less crowded upper-scale version of MBK, selling genuine products and offering a host of activities for all the family.

What is sold in Siam Paragon: Designer clothing, shoes, leather goods, cosmetics, jewelry, trekking gear, camping equipment, electronics, mobile phones, cameras, books, cars, housing, groceries.

Best things to buy in Siam Paragon: Phones, electronics, designer clothing, imported foods.

Things to do in Siam Paragon: Enjoy the massive food courts, gourmet markets and international food outlets, multiplex cinema (IMAX), bowling, aquarium (largest in South East Asia), spas, hairdressers, concert hall.

Tips for shopping in Siam Paragon: Like most shopping centers in Bangkok, Siam Paragon becomes quite full at weekends. If window shopping is your thing, then go during the week.

How to get to Siam Paragon: The shopping mall is located at Siam BTS station.

Siam Paragon opening hours: Mon-Sun 10.00-22.00.

Siam Center

Siam Center BangkokSiam Center was one of Bangkok's first shopping centers. Don't let that put you off as it's been renovated into a hip, glossy fashion center. Most international and Thai designer brands are geared towards teenagers. While on the fourth floor, there's a trendy food court.

What is sold in Siam Center: International designer clothing, shoes, cosmetics, jewelry, Thai designer brands.

Best things to buy in Siam Center: Teenage and emerging fashion clothing, cosmetics.

Things to do in Siam Center: Between Siam Center and Siam Discovery is a large open space where there are often weekend concerts or shows. Siam Center also displays modern art exhibitions inside.

Tips for shopping in Siam Center: It's a chic fashion center that's geared towards younger clientele, so let them roam! However, it is also a visually attractive shopping center, so the best tip is to actually enjoy looking at it.

How to get to Siam Center: The shopping mall is located at Siam BTS station between Siam Paragon and Siam Discovery.

Siam Center opening hours: Mon-Sun 10.00-22.00.

Siam Discovery Center

Siam Discovery CenterSiam Discovery is a rather generic designer mall close to MBK and opposite Siam Center. It's a lower-scale Siam Paragon in terms of price, but virtually everything here is also a genuine product. There is a Madame Tussaud's here and an international-sized ice skating rink.

What is sold in Siam Discovery Center: Designer clothing, shoes, trekking gear, cosmetics, jewelry, and electronics.

Best things to buy in Siam Discovery Center: Cosmetics, designer clothing.

Things to do in Siam Discovery Center: Enjoy the wax work museum at Madame Tussaud's, ice skating at Ice Planet on the 7th floor, take cosmetic lessons, and eat at the food outlets.

Tips for shopping in Siam Discovery Center: It's not a busy mall, but then again, there's not a lot here to attract tourists aside from the attractions above. Use it if the other malls are too crowded for you.

How to get to Siam Discovery Center: The shopping center is located at National Stadium BTS station - follow the walkway past MBK and turn left towards the steps leading up to the center. It's also next to Siam Center via the ground floor.

Siam Discovery Center opening hours: Mon-Sun 10.00-22.00.

Central World

Central World in BangkokCentral World is one of the largest shopping malls in Bangkok. Divided into different department stores, there are also hundreds of boutiques selling genuine goods at Bangkok prices. Couple that with SF cinemas, an ice skating rink, and a bevy of excellent eating establishments, Central World can keep you shopping all day.

What is sold in Central World: Designer clothing, shoes, toys, cosmetics, jewelry, household items, cameras, and electronics.

Best things to buy in Central World: Designer clothing, houseware, cosmetics, toys.

Things to do in Central World: From ice skating to a state-of-the-art SF cinemas, children's play zones, and spas. Central World stretches along Ratchaprasong, intersecting with and close to other malls.

Tips for shopping in Central World: This is a huge shopping mall. Stop by one of the information stands for a map. Pace yourself and drink plenty of water.

How to get to Central World: The shopping center is located at Chidlom BTS station.

Central World opening hours: Mon-Sun 10.00-22.00.

Platinum Fashion Mall

Platinum Fashion Mall, BangkokMuch cheaper than MBK and a far better clothes shopping experience, Platinum Fashion mall is huge. There's very little here that's genuine, but 70% of what's on sale has a designer label. Broken into 3 huge zones spanning 5 floors divided into handbags, shoes, dresses, men's clothes, etc., it's one of the better shopping malls for clothing in Bangkok.

What is sold in Platinum Fashion Mall: Fake designer clothing, designer shoes, designer-named handbags, dresses, shirts, and all manner of clothing.

Best things to buy in Platinum Fashion Mall: Handbags, purses, shoes, dresses.

Things to do in Platinum Fashion Mall: Be taken back by the staggering amount of fake designer items filling each floor. Bargain and barter. The more items you buy, the cheaper they get.

Tips for shopping in Platinum Fashion Mall: The three zones in Platinum Fashion Mall split into building A and building B. There's a food court at the top floor of building A.

How to get to Platinum Fashion Mall: The shopping mall is within 20 minutes' walk of BTS station Ratchathewi, one block passed Pantip Plaza. Another way to get there is via Central World and Chidlom BTS. Simply make your way through the ground floor of Central World heading southeast. Then walk outside along Petchburi Road. Platinum Fashion Malls are easy to spot due to their platinum color.

Platinum Fashion Mall opening hours: Sat, Sun, Wed: 08.00-20.00
Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri: 09.00-20.00.

Pantip Plaza

Inside Pantip Plaza, BangkokPantip Plaza is the largest electronics mall in Bangkok. Divided into hundreds of small stores, there are also two large IT superstores there. On the second floor is Hardware House, and on the top floor, it's IT City. Try shopping in these stores first to get an idea of the prices elsewhere, which may not be displayed. Bartering is a must here in all stores. Cheap Chinese electronics are rampant here, so it pays to know what you want before showing up.

What is sold in Pantip Plaza: Computers, laptops, tablets, printers, cameras, lenses, IT equipment, gadgets, phones (small selection), software, DVDs, and one tailor.

Best things to buy in Pantip Plaza: Computers, laptops, cameras, lenses, gadgets, fake software.

Things to do in Pantip Plaza: There's a very cheap food court at Pantip Plaza. If coming with small children, do keep them close as some of the DVDs on sale are often of an adult variety.

Tips for shopping in Pantip Plaza: Knowing your IT equipment is important here. Some staff are clueless while others don't speak good English. Bargaining here is normal.

How to get to Pantip Plaza: The shopping mall is within 20 minutes' walk of BTS station Ratchathewi. Or simply take a Tuk Tuk/motorbike taxi from Ratchathewi BTS to Pantip Plaza for around 40/20 bhat.

Pantip Plaza opening hours: Mon-Sun 10:00-21:00 (some stores open/close at different times).


Pianist in Gaysorn, BangkokIf you are looking for one of the most exclusive designer malls in Bangkok then Gaysorn is it. Eerily quite and white Gaysorn is filled with all the top designer names you can think of from Versace to Gucci. There's a reason it's quiet though ... it's not a place to find bargains!

What is sold in Gaysorn:Hugo Boss, Prada, Versace the designer names go on!.

Best things to buy in Gaysorn: Clothes, jewelry & cosmetics.

Things to do in Gaysorn: There is often a pianist at the lower level you can sit and listen too.

Tips for shopping in Gaysorn: It's all designer stores here so knowing about the designer helps a lot.

How to get to Gaysorn: The shopping mall is near Chidlom BTS station and accessible via the skywalk at Ratchaprasong Junction.

Gaysorn opening hours: Mon-Sun 10:00-20:00. 


Emporium Shopping Mall, BangkokIf you are into high society shopping then The Emporium is not to be missed. The lavish decoration in the Emporium probably makes it worth a visit alone. If not then the very impressive food court and imported food market certainly is. From international designer brands to high quality Thai brands The Emporium is a shopping experience for all shopping addicts.

What is sold in Emporium: International and Thai designer clothing and cosmetics. Electronics, household items and imported foods.

Best things to buy in Emporium: International and Thai designer goods.

Things to do in Emporium: The food court and restaurants on the top floor should not be missed if you visit The Emporium.

Tips for shopping in Emporium: It's more about being seen here than actually shopping. Do take advantage od the excellent food courts though.

How to get to Emporium: The Emporium just beside Phrom Phong BTS station.

Emporium opening hours: Mon-Sun 09:00-21:00. 

Amarin Plaza

Amarin Plaza, BangkokAmarin Plaza is a distinct step down in term of glitz. From the outside it's still impressive but in the inside it's beginning to look rundown and the lack of Bangkok crowds backs this up. Amarin does however have a thriving number of Thai Silk stores. Whether it's custom silk suits/dresses or off the rail items there's a good chance you'll pick up a bargain here. Notably there's also a scuba and climbing outdoor store located here.

What is sold in Amarin Plaza: Custom Thai Silk orders, Silk stores, clothing, luggage bags, Climbing and scuba store.

Best things to buy in Amarin Plaza: Thai Silk.

Things to do in Amarin Plaza: Not much. There's a small food court which may do the trick if everything nearby is full at weekends.

Tips for shopping in Amarin Plaza: Get here soon, somehow it seems like this store is due for a renovation and might now be here for much longer.

How to get to Amarin Plaza: The shopping mall is located at Chidlom BTS station.

Amarin Plaza opening hours: Mon-Sun 09:00-21:00. 

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Inside Chatuchak Weekend Market, BangkokChatuchak Weekend is the world 's largest weekend market. It is also Thailand's largest market that's a very popular with both Thai's and tourists. With over 15,000 stalls it sees over 400,000 visitors over the course of a weekend. During weekdays most stalls close buy there are still quite a few open so don't rule it out!

What is sold in Chatuchak Weekend Market: Clothing, handbags, luggage, local jewelry, handicrafts, statues, souvenirs.

Best things to buy in Chatuchak Weekend Market: Handicrafts, souvenirs.

Things to do in Chatuchak Weekend Market: There are a lot of food stalls and sit down eateries here including BBQ seafood and fresh fruits to enjoy. Right beside the market is the large Chatuchak park which is a good place to relax if the crowds in the market become too much.

Tips for shopping in Chatuchak Weekend Market: Get there early during peak season as it gets very hot and crowded there. Don't expect massive bargains here but do expect a huge choice. Chatuchak Weekend Market sells items similar to floor six at MBK although the choice is much wider.

How to get to Chatuchak Weekend Market: Thailand's MRT stops at Chatuchak park and the BTS stops at Mo Chit beside the park. To avoid the street crowds enter the market through the park.

Chatuchak Weekend Market opening hours: Saturdays and Sundays 09:00-18:00. Fridays 18.00-24.00.

Krung Thong Plaza

Krung Thong PlazaKrung Thong Plaza is a 4 story shopping center located over part of the old Pratunam street market. There are actually two Krung Kong Plaza's. Each on is located at either end of Pratunam Market. Both Krung Kong Plaza's offer 4 floors of mainly cheap clothing from China in an air conditioned environment. Bargaining and buying in bulk is the norm here.

What is sold in Krung Thong Plaza: Clothing.

Best things to buy in Krung Thong Plaza: Cheap non branded clothing from China and Thailand.

Things to do in Krung Thong Plaza: Not much. There are some smalls food stalls located here.

Tips for shopping in Krung Thong Plaza: Buy in bulk to get lower prices. 3 or more is the norm.

How to get to Krung Thong Plaza: The first shopping center is within a 15/20 min's walk from BTS station Ratchathewi. Or simply take a Tuk Tuk / motorbike taxi from Ratchathewi BTS to Pratunam Center for around 40/20 bhat. If you are located at exit Pantip plaza facing the road take the bridge to your left and enter the center from there. The second Krung Kong Plaza is located just up the same road a bit. Directly opposite Platinum Fashion Mall zone 1.

Krung Thong Plaza opening hours: Mon-Sun 10:00-17:00.

Pratunam Market

Inside Pratunam Market, BangkokPratunam Market is Bangkok's largest and cheapest clothing market. It's a sprawling indoor market that covers a large area with both fans and low air conditioning. Wander through this largely wholesale market and be prepared to jump out of the way a lot. Motorbikes and men with trolleys zoom by with bales of clothing frequently. It's a maze of cheap unbranded clothing stalls so be prepared to buy in bulk to get the best bargains.

What is sold in Pratunam Market: Clothing

Best things to buy in Pratunam Market: Cheap clothing.

Things to do in Pratunam Market: Shop for clothes!

Tips for shopping in Pratunam Market: Buy in bulk to get the best deals. Anything over three items is considered wholesale. Do check each item for stitching flaws and threads can be loose or not finished.

How to get to Pratunam Market: The shopping center is within a 15/20 min's walk from BTS station Ratchathewi. Or simply take a Tuk Tuk / motorbike taxi from Ratchathewi BTS to Pratunam Center for around 40/20 bhat. If you are located at exit Pantip plaza facing the road take the bridge to your left and walk towards Pratunam Center. Rather than going into the center head down on of the side streets to the left of the center and keep looking to your left until you see the covered Pratunam market stalls begin.

Pratunam Market opening hours: Many stalls are open 24 hours a day while larger shops are open from 10:00-21:00

Big C Supercenter

Big C SupercenterBig C Supermarket is one of Bangkok's most popular supermarkets and one of its largest. While other supermarkets like Tesco Lotus and Robinson's are dotted all around the city Big C still dominates with many branches.

What is sold in Big C Supercenter: Groceries, discount clothing, supermarket sundries..

Best things to buy in Big C Supercenter: Supermarket style groceries.

Things to do in Big C Supercenter: There's a small gaming center downstairs and several places to eat.

Tips for shopping in Big C Supercenter: Local Thai food markets are cheaper but Big C Supercenter offers everything under one roof.

How to get to Big C Supercenter: Chidlom BTS station. BIg C Supercenter is opposite the road from Central World 's main entrance along Petchburi road.

Big C Supercenter opening hours: Mon-Sun 10:00-21:00.

River City Shopping Complex

River City Shopping Complex, BangkokRiver City Shopping Complex is located right beside Bangkok's Chao Phraya River. It's a unique shopping center in that it specializes in antiques along with regular fashion and jewelry stores. Monthly auctions are held on many antiques and collectable's.

What is sold in River City Shopping Complex: Genuine antiques, replicas, pottery, gold and silver ornaments, old maps, sculptures and antiquities from around the world. 

Best things to buy in River City Shopping Complex: Old collectable's. Antiques. Replicas.

Things to do in River City Shopping Complex: Shop for collectable's!

Tips for shopping in River City Shopping Complex: Find out when the monthly auctions are being held to try and pick up a bargain. Know your antiquities.

How to get to River City Shopping Complex: The shopping complex is located along the Chao Phraya River. Take a BTS to Saphan Taksin then a boat from Sathorn Pier to the complex. There is a River City Shopping Complex free boat but it's rarely around.

River City Shopping Complex Market opening hours: Mon-Sun 10:00-20:00

Terminal 21

Terminal 21Terminal 21 is a unique concept shopping center in the Sukhumvit area of Bangkok. Designed to look like an airport each floor has a dedicated country theme. From the basement up: Caribbean, Rome, Paris, Tokyo, London, Istanbul, San Francisco city, San Francisco harbor, Hollywood. Mall lovers generally like this a lot while general shoppers will only find it a little different. The shops themselves are standard stores.

What is sold in Terminal 21: Fashion clothing, general jewelry, imported supermarket sundries.

Best things to buy in Terminal 21: Imported foods, fashion clothing.

Things to do in Terminal 21: Walk around with a camera, SF cinemas, food court.

Tips for shopping in Terminal 21: It's a standard shopping center but worth a visit just to see the country themes. San Francisco bridge looks fake but is big likewise a London. Quirky andcould be fun for some.

How to get to Terminal 21: Asok BTS station leads directly into Terminal 21. Sukhumvit MRT station is on the street outside. .

Terminal 21 opening hours: Mon-Sun 10:00-21:00.


Silom Complex

River City Shopping Complex, BangkokSilom Complex is located along the busy Silom road in Bangkok. This is a fairly generic shopping center but the biggest in the Silom area. There's nothing overly remarkable here with general shopping stores located throughout. A good place for cooling off from the heat outside or for meeting up if you are located in this area.

What is sold in Silom Complex: Clothes, footwear, food, drinks.

Best things to buy in Silom Complex: Fashion boutique items.

Things to do in River Silom Complex: Not much but there are quite a few coffee, snack and food outlets.

Tips for shopping in Silom Complex: It's a generic shopping center in Bangkok best used for taking a snack or drink break in the cool air. Or as a nearby shopping center if you are staying in the area.

How to get to Silom Complex: Take a MRT to Silom, exit and walk straight down Silom road. Silom Complex will be on your left. The BTS station Sala Daeng is right beside Silom Complex.

Silom Complex opening hours: Mon-Sun 10:00-20:00

Palladium World

Palladium WorldPalladium is a freshly renovated shopping center formerly known as "Pratunam Center". It is a very scaled down version of MBK but without the souveniors. Palladium offers similar clothing to Platinum Fashion Mall but is not cheaper and has much less stock. Floors 4 & 5 are meant to be IT floors but most have not opened since the renovation. At best you could pick up a few t-shirts here.

What is sold in Palladium World: Fashion clothing, phones, massages.

Best things to buy in Palladium World: T-shirts. Random fake fashion clothing.

Things to do in Palladium World: There's a lot of cheap massage parlors here and a few food stalls along with a large coffee cafe.

Tips for shopping in Palladium World: It's a standard shopping center that's yet to have many stores open inside. Cheap massage parlors seem and a few t-shirt shops are about all it has to offer.

How to get to Palladium World: The shopping center is within a 30 min's walk from BTS station Ratchathewi or a 20 minutes walk from Central World. It's 10 minutes from Platinum Fashion Mall.

Palladium World opening hours: Mon-Sun 10:00-17:00.

Digital Gateway

Digital GatewayDigital Gateway is an IT super center that sells mainly genuine items. If you are on the hunt for IT gadgets, cameras, lenses etc then include Digital Gateway in your itinerary. While there's nothing new or especially great here it does provide an alternative to Siam Parragon across the road and is much closer than Pantip Plaza.

What is sold in Digital Gateway: Laptops, computers, phones, cameras, lenses, gadgets.

Best things to buy in Digital Gateway: Cameras, lenses, phones.

Things to do in Digital Gateway: There's not a lot to do here other than shop. However there is a book store and some small non IT stores located inside.

Tips for shopping in Digital Gateway: Although many people say the products here are genuine don't be fooled. There are some cheap copies on sale here. However the majority are real.

How to get to Digital Gateway: Take a BTS to Siam, take the number 2 exit into Digital Gateway. Basically it's on the road opposide Siam Center and Siam Paragon.

Digital Gateway opening hours: Mon-Sun 10:00-20:00

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Best place to buy electronics in Bangkok

You have many choices here but the truth is most shopping centers sell the same items at the same price so save yourself some time and stick to the main ones you are visiting. The days of Pantip plaza being the best are long over. The only difference is fake, cheap Chinese products and genuine products to watch out for.

Laptops, tablets, computers (real & cheap copies):

  • Pantip Plaza
  • Digital Gateway
  • MBK

Laptops, tablets, computers (real):

  • Pantip Plaza
  • Siam Paragon
  • Digital Gateway (BTS Siam exit 2)

Mobile phones (real, cheap copies & refurbished):

  • MBK (phones are about 500 bhat cheaper here than in other shopping centers)
  • Pantip Plaza (ground floor)
  • Digital Gateway (BTS Siam exit 2)

Mobile phones (real):

Nearly all shopping centers in Bangkok have sections fill with mobile phones. Aside from MBK and Pantip Plaza most upper scale malls sell genuine phones. Save yourself sometime in shopping around by visiting a mall with a large selection of genuine phones with prices listed.

  • Siam Paragon (best selection under one roof)
  • MBK ( real & fake)

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Best place to buy souvenirs in Bangkok

For souvenir shopping stick to the main shopping centers & markets in Bangkok as they all sell basically the same thing. For the widest choice in souvenir and the best bargains head to the following.

  • Chatuchak Weekend Market
  • MBK (6th floor)

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Suggested shopping itineraries in Bangkok

Unless you have several free days or even weeks for shopping in Bangkok I suggest you set up a strategic shopping itinerary to visit the shopping centers. Keep the following in mind and write it down.

  • How much time do you have to shop? Think in days rather than hours.
  • Do you know what you are looking for? eg. Expensive designer clothes? Cheapest possible unbranded clothing? Handbags? Souvenirs? A new laptop? Just window shopping? etc.
  • Now write down what your budget is!
  • Remember your luggage weight if flying
  • Do consider splitting shopping days up with tourist attractions (temples) if you are with someone not interested in shopping.

Half day or one day shopping itinerary in Bangkok

You've only got one day to shop in Bangkok where do you go? Keep it simple with this one rather than waste time traveling over half of Bangkok to different malls.

Take the BTS to National Stadium and start with the 7 floors of shops in MBK. You'll find just about everything you might need here from clothes to electronics and souvenirs. Bargain with everyone and watch out for fakes. Take a time out at either the International Food Court on floor 5 or the cheaper Food island on floor 6. Now walk back out towards the BTS station you came in from and take a right followed by a left toward small small steps leading to Siam Discovery Center. If you are stuck for time don't shop here just go down two floors and exit to the outside before crossing over to Siam Center. Shop here for teenagers looking for designer outfits or cosmetics. Walk through the mall and exit via the 1st floor to an open area with Siam Paragon in front of you. Inside Siam Paragon shop for designer goods, cosmetics and electronics. Everything in Siam Paragon is real and most everything has prices attracted to the items. That's it for a full or half day of shopping in Bangkok. If you are a fast shopper you could continue on via the road, sky bridge or BTS to Central World but you won't find anything different to the shopping centers you just visited.

Two - three days shopping itinerary in Bangkok

Start with a full day using the above one day shopping itinerary. Do try to write down prices you've been quoted on the first day to help with your bargaining ono the second day.

Start your second day with BTS ride to Chidlom and Central World. This is a huge shopping center which could take you a day to get through. However if you are after cheap clothes, shoes, handbags etc then make your way South East through Central World and out the doors to Petchburi road keep going south east along the road until you spot Platinum Fashion Mall on your left. Platinum Fashion Mall is split into three zones with 5 floors each so be prepared for a full or half day here alone. If you have time finish off your day at either Krung Thong Plaza or Pratunam Market. (Pantip Plaza is nearby if you need to pick up any cheap electronics)

On your third day of solid shopping visit Krung Thong Plaza if you did not make it on your second day and then head into Pratunam Market for super cheap clothes. Alternatively if you are planning your trip around a weekend then go to Chatuchak Weekend Market for a mix of souvenirs, clothes and handicrafts.

One week shopping itinerary in Bangkok

Again follow day one at MBK, Siam Discovery, Siam Center and Siam Paragon. On day two it's Central World and or Platinum Fashion Mall. Day three it's Pratunam Center and Pratunam Market. If it's the weekend on day four head to Chatuchak Weekend Market. On day five treat yourself to some luxury shopping at the Gaysorn before having some Thai silk outfits made up at Amarin Plaza. Day six could be spent buying electronics at Pantip plaza or Digital Gateway (BTS Siam exit 2) while day seven could be rounded out by some revisits or some high society shopping at Emporium which includes some a very nice food court.

One day electronics shopping itinerary in Bangkok

Bangkok has a slightly exaggerated reputation as being a cheap place to buy electronics. Yes, there are bargains and Bangkok probably has the best range of electronics in South East Asia. However prices for electronics in Bangkok do not really change from shopping center to shopping center. So save yourself some time and stick with the main places here.

Take a BTS to Siam and head into Siam Paragon to the IT World areas on the 4th floor. All the prices are listed next to both phones, laptops, computers, cameras, TV's etc. Take a note of the prices. Next hop over to Digital Gateway which is on the opposite side/road of the BTS station Siam/road. If you are after mobile phones your next stop is back to the BTS and then to MBK's 4th floor. If you are shopping for a new camera or laptop then take the BTS to Ratchathewi and either walk or take a motorbike taxi / tuk tuk to Pantip Plaza. With the prices you got in Siam Paragon now compare them to the same items in either MBK or Pantip Plaza and bargain hard. You should now come away with a good deal!

N.B. If you are traveling in South East Asia check out my guide on the best places to buy electronics in South East Asia to find out places cheaper than Bangkok!

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Map with shopping centers in Bangkok marked out

By walking: All walking routes have been marked out in Blue from BTS/MRT stations. You can zoom in/out on this map.

Tip: Do take advantage of the shopping itineraries above to save time in visiting these shopping centers.

List of Shopping Centers in Bangkok

As you can tell there are lot of shopping centers in Bangkok! The above are the best and offer largely the best. There are however many more shopping centers in Bangkok which are located in strategic places around city. Here's a directory of them all with their location in case you've been given a tip about one!

Clicking on a highlighted shopping center name will keep you on this page but take you back up to that shopping centers description above so you can read more about it.


  • All Seasons Place (Witthayu Road)
  • Amarin Plaza (Ratchaprasong)
  • Ambassador Plaza, Sukhumvit Road
  • Asia Center
  • Asiatique (Saphan Taksin BTS Station)
  • Asoke Complex (Sukhumvit Road)


  • Baan Silom by Central
  • Bang Yai Night Bazaar
  • Bangkapi Mall
  • Big C Supercenter
  • Bobae Bamrungmuang Plaza
  • Bua Sawan Plaza (Laksi)



  • Center One, (Victory Monument)
  • Central Plaza Bangna (Bang Na)
  • Central Plaza Chaengwattana (Pak Kret)
  • Central Plaza Lat Phrao (Lat Phrao Road)
  • Central Plaza Pinklao (Barommarat Chachonnani Road)
  • Central Plaza Rama II (Rama II Road)
  • Central Plaza Grand Rama IX (Rama IX Road)
  • Central Plaza Ramindra (Raminthra)
  • Central Plaza Ratchada - Rama 3 (Rama III Road)
  • Central Plaza Rattanathibet (Rattanathibet Road)
  • Central World (Siam Square)
  • Century Plaza (Victory Monument)
  • Charn Issara Tower, (Rama IV Road)
  • Charn Issara Tower II (Sukhumvit Road)
  • Chatuchak Weekend Market
  • Chatujak Day & Night Plaza
  • City Complex
  • City Plaza (Phetchaburi Road)
  • Crystal Shopping Center (Manutham Road)
  • CTI Plaza (Sukhumvit Road, Soi 55)




  • Ekkamai Power Center (Sukhumvit Road)
  • Emporium
  • Erawan (Ratchaprasong)
  • Esplanade (Thailand Cultural Center - MRT)


  • Fashion Island, Raminthra Road
  • Fashion Mall (Victory Monument)
  • Ferry Plaza (Pratunam)
  • Fortune Town (Ratchadaphisek Road)
  • Future Park (Rangsit)


  • Gaysorn (Ratchaprasong)
  • Gatewayekamai (Ekamai)


  • Mahatun Plaza (Ratchaprasong)
  • H1 (Thong Lo)
  • Holiday Inn Crown Plaza (Silom Road)


  • Imperial World (Bang Na)
  • Imperial World (Lat Phrao Road)
  • India Emporium (Phahurat)
  • Indra Square (Pratunam)
  • IT Square (Lak Si)


  • J Avenue (Thonglor)
  • J City (Silom Road)
  • Jae Leng Plaza
  • Jamjuree Square (Rama IV Road)
  • Jasmin City (Thong Lo)
  • JJ Mall (Chatuchak)



  • K Village (Sukhumvit Soi 26)
  • King Power Complex (Victory Monument)
  • Krung Thong Plaza



  • Landmark Plaza (Sukhumvit Road)
  • Laksi Plaza (Vibhavadi Rangsit Road)
  • La Villa (Aree)
  • Liberty Plaza (Thong Lo)
  • Lido Walk (Siam Square)
  • Life Center-Q-House (Lumphini)




  • Nailert Plaza (Nana)
  • Nana Square (Sukhumvit Road)
  • Neighbor Center
  • New World (Rattanathibet Road)
  • Number One Plaza (Prawet)



  • Old Siam Plaza (Phahurat)
  • OP Place
  • Oriental Place (Bangrak)






  • Sampeng Plaza (Yaowarat)
  • SCB Park Plaza (Chatuchak)
  • Seacon Square (Srinakharin Road)
  • Seacon Bangkae (Phetkasem Road)
  • Siam Center (Siam Square)
  • Siam Discovery Center (Siam Square)
  • Siam Paragon (Siam Square)
  • Silom Complex (Silom)
  • Silom Galleria (Silom)
  • Srivara Hi-Tech (Ratchadaphisek Road)
  • Sukhumvit Plaza (Sukhumvit Road)


  • Tang Hua Seng (Thonburi)
  • Tawanna (Bang Kapi)
  • Terminal 21 (Asok)
  • Terrace 49
  • Thaniya Plaza (Silom)
  • The Avenue, Lak Si
  • The Camp David (Sukhumvit Road)
  • The Nine Center (Rama 9)
  • The Market Place (Thonglor)
  • The Opus (Thonglor)
  • The Square (Bangyai)
  • The Third Place (Thonglor)
  • The Trendy Plaza (Sukhumvit Road)
  • Thonglor Center (Thonglor)
  • Times Square (Sukhumvit Road)


  • Union Mall, (Lat Phrao Road)
  • United Center (Silom Road)


  • Verasu (Witthayu Road)
  • Victory Point (Victory Monument)
W, X


  • Yaowarat Square (Yaowarat)



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