About The Tiger Kingdom

There are several places in Thailand to visit tigers. Some say they work on conservation or rehabilitation of tigers to be introduced back into the wild. Others like the Tiger Kingdom in Chiang Mai are set up to breed tigers for captive conservation.

There are about 30 tigers at the Tiger Kingdom in Chiang Mai all bred from captivity. They have another facility in Phuket. Tourists can go to both to interact, take photos and even bottle feed tigers.

Compared to the tiger temple near Bangkok Chiang Mai's Tiger Kingdom has a better reputation. However wildlife conservationists condone such places as inherently cruel. Drugging tigers to make them docile are common accusations.

You can read my own thoughts on the Tiger Kingdom and Karen Long-necks here. Meanwhile it will be up to you on deciding whether to visit or not.

Did you know?

There are only about 100 wild tigers left in Thailand. Many say that number is an over-estimate.

How to get to the Tiger Kingdom in Chiang Mai

The Tiger Kingdom is located in the Mae Rim District about 10 km north of Chiang Mai city.

Join a tour group

Many day trips out of Chiang Mai include a visit to the Tiger Kingdom along with a trip to Mae Sai, orchid farm, Long-neck and elephant rides. If you do take one make sure it's to the Tiger Kingdom in Mae Rim as there are a few other very small tiger "breeding" places around

Prices start from 600-800 baht for the day trip (this does not include entry into the Tiger Kingdom).

Ride a Motorbike to the Tiger Kingdom

Hiring a motorbike in Chiang Mai for about 300-400 baht and drive out yourself. Drive past Mae Rim to the intersection where Highway 107 joins County Road 1096 (20-30mins).

Public transport

Hire a tuk tuk or red Songthaew for about 600 baht for a return journey (20mins). The driver will wait for you.

Location and contact details of the Tiger Kingdom

Address: 51/1 Moo 7, Rim Tai, Mae Rim 50180, Thailand
Tel:+66 53-860-704

Hours: Daily 10am-6pm.

Most people spend about 2 hours at the Tiger Kingdom.

Since the COVID-19 Pandemic wearing a facemask is encouraged when attending any indoor public buildings.

Cost of visiting the Tiger Kingdom

Prices are split into the four sizes of tiger you will be with.

  1. Smallest (2-3 Months) 799 Baht
  2. Small (4-8 Months) 799 Baht
  3. Medium (9-12 Months) 799 Baht
  4. Big Cat (13-30 Months) 1,300 Baht

Buy All Four Rooms: 4,000 Baht

Custom Photo CD and photographer: 500 Baht (this is per person per cat so if you see more than one size it's 300 baht each.

Visits last about 15 minutes.

Please note prices and "packages" change regularly.

Is the Tiger Kingdom safe to visit?

There have been no reported deaths or injuries at the Tiger Kingdom. The oldest Tiger you will interact with is 30 months so they are all relatively young.

Common sense prevails. Making sudden movements is not advised. Likewise light petting might make the tiger flinch as they will think you are an insect or fly. Loud noises are discouraged.

Finally it's worth pointing that while many people do enjoy the tiger kingdom there is zero wildlife conservation here. All money goes to the running of this business.

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