Four factors to consider when choosing the time of year to visit Thailand

So you've decided to go on holiday to Thailand. That's step one. But there's a niggling feeling you've forgotten one of the big things to consider when traveling to Thailand ... when is the best time to go?

Blue sky weather in Bangkok
Blue sky weather in Bangkok

Let's cut straight to the chase with this one. There are four main factors to consider when deciding on when to come to Thailand.

  1. The weather
  2. Where in Thailand will you be going?
  3. Off peak and peak tourist seasons + Thai Holidays
  4. When can you arrange time off work

I can't help you with the last one, but you might keep it under consideration as we look at the two top factors in deciding when to visit Thailand.

When is the best weather for visiting Thailand?

Thailand is a geographically long country and so the weather is not always the same in both the north and south.

Weather in Northern Thailand

November, December, January, February, March, April and May are largely dry in the North of Thailand. The latter three months can become quite hot.

June, July, August, September, October are the monsoon months and it can get very wet in Northern Thailand.

Weather in Southern Thailand

April, May, June, July, August, September and October on the east cost of southern Thailand is monsoon weather.

September, October, November, December on the west cost of southern Thailand is monsoon weather.

During monsoon seasons in Southern Thailand there is often flooding and torrential downpours.

When is the best weather to visit Thailand?

November, December, January and February are traditionally the best months to visit Thailand. Temperatures vary in the mid to upper 20 degrees with some days breaking into the 30 degree spectrum.

March, April, May and June can get hot with temperatures often reaching 40 degrees.

July, August, September and October are generally wet months with temperatures hovering under 30 degrees.

When is it peak or off peak season in Thailand?

If you are tiring to visit Thailand when there are not so many tourists around then you'll be disappointed. There are always tourists traveling Thailand. The fringe benefit of off peak season is that hotel prices are slightly lower and yes you won't be over run by tourists.

Peak season in Thailand is during November, December, January, February and March. Hotels are offering full priced rooms here. July and August can also see a secondary peak season.

Off peak season in Thailand is during April, May and June. September and October is also off season. During these months hotels often offer discounted rates.

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic tourism in Thailand dropped dramatically. However, of all South East Asian Countries Thailand is rebounding in first place. In 2023 it is expected to recover further with only the cost of long-haul flights keeping numbers down.

Work, holidays, rain, sun and avoiding the crowds in Thailand

You now know the 4 many factors to consider when you'll visit Thailand. If your vacation days or travel dates are flexible it basically boils down to weather, crowds and prices.

Traveling during the monsoon season will mean less people, discounted hotels but also mean it might be raining everyday. You might also get caught up in some of Thailand's flooding or have a train/bus delayed due to flooding.

Traveling during peak season will mean great warm sunny weather but you'll be doing battle with the crowd for the best rooms. Thankfully Thailand is not often short on hotel rooms!