Why would you need someone to plan your trip to Nepal?

Are you overwhelmed with all the travel information about Nepal that's out there? I was too! Here's how I coped with it.

My first trip to Nepal: I was worried Nepal would be jam-packed with tourists and nobody could tell me the truth about where and when I should go!

Today I know Nepal better than most (I've made it my job), including the specific times of year places are full of tourists. How to avoid the big groups and where to find some peace and quiet. I can also tell you the best time of year for each specific activity in Nepal.

Trekking & prices: I wanted "my" special trek off the beaten path but also with great views and an awesome experience. All I could see were agencies trying to sell me expensive treks.

Booking a trek online is an overwhelming process. There are so many agencies all offering slightly different things. Not to mention the problems with getting trekking permits and domestic flights. I'll set you up with the details of the local trekking guides I used, including all the information on how to get the best prices from them.

Accommodation: I wanted to stay in Kathmandu but everyone kept telling me NOT to stay in Thamel because of the noise and traffic.

I know all the hotels in Kathmandu due to reviewing them for my guidebooks. There are some very quiet hotels in the heart of Thamel for all budgets. I also know fantastic guest houses in amazing locations across the country.

Where to get bus or flight tickets: I just wanted to get a bus ticket to Pokhara without getting cheated!

I'll let you know where to get bus or flight tickets to any destination in Nepal without getting cheated. I'll even let you know the right prices!

Do I need a COVID-19 Vaccination before visiting: Currently Nepal is allowing all vaccinated travelers to enter Nepal without any need for quarantine.

Do I have enough time to fit everything in?: I wanted to do as much as possible in Nepal. But I soon learned that Nepal's roads and weather slowed everything down so I missed out on things I wanted to do but didn't have the time left.

I know what you can and can't do in Nepal for 5 days/ 7 days / 2 weeks or more. Can you really trek to Everest Base Camp with only 12 days in the country? With my help, you can.

Sage Advice

There's nothing like getting advice from someone who's been there and done that. Look at my free Nepal travel guides as an example - I can be your best friend when it comes to helping you plan your trip!

How my travel planning service works

It just takes three easy steps!

Step 1: You send me some details

Step 2: I'll email you back personally with answers to your questions which usually helps get you started - no charge

Step 3: If you would like more details and help then I have two travel planning and consultancy packages. I charge USD $25 for a complete itinerary and advisory service or $100 for a complete itinerary, advisory and an activity booking service for you.

Do please note that I do not book hotels for you but can advise on what a hotel is like and tell you where to get the best rates. If you are hiring a guide for a trek or tour, then I can arrange for them to book hotels, trekking lodges and jungle resorts for you in advance at no extra cost.

Spend a little money now, save a lot in the long run

If I'd known the information I know now about Nepal when I first arrived I'd have saved a fortune in time and money.


For USD $25 you will save yourself the headache and hours of working out what to do, when to go, avoid dodgy online tours and get all the facts delivered to you. This is the itinerary planning and advisory package.

With this package you will be making all your own bookings and will have to bargain with trekking & tour guides yourself. If you want me to do all this for you, then you'll want the package below.


For USD $100 you get all of the above plus the peace of mind that things like your trek will be arranged for you with a fully qualified local trekking guide (including permits, domestic flights etc), jungle treks booked in advance, heritage walks arranged and any of your questions answered. This is the itinerary planning, advisory and activity booking package.

With this package I will work with you on an itinerary, advise on the best places to see and the costs involved, set you up with a local trekking or tour guide based on the activities or treks you want. I'll also bargain to get you the very best rates.

If at any stage you want clarification about any of the packages feel free to simply send me an email.


Where does your money go?

The great thing about this service is that all your money goes directly to local guides and services as you will be paying them directly and not through me. I make no commission other than this planning service fee. So right off the bat for a trek you'll most likely be saving well over USD $300 by avoiding the big travel agencies!

Nothing is charged to you on our first email exchange. If you are happy with my service then you can decide which planning package you'd like after that.

5 Reasons why my traveling planning service is great for you

I've been traveling and helping others visit Nepal for over 10+ years. I've also written the very best travel guides and guidebooks to Nepal. Now, I can personally help you too.

  1. Who can purchase this service? Anyone. You can use this service if planning a trip to Nepal or even if you are already in Nepal and feeling a bit overwhelmed. All transactions are done securely online using either a credit card or PayPal.

  2. Isn't this the same as a guidebook? A guidebook will tell you about a place and what to do there. I write successful guidebooks to Nepal so I can help you with all that plus I'll help you get there without all the hassles or confusion. As a real person (Dave), I can also directly answer any specific questions you might have.

  3. Can I email you once I'm in Nepal? Yes, absolutely. I'll even help you find a good WiFi or a SIM card in Nepal for internet access so you won't get overcharged by local stores.

  4. Can you help me choose what to do in Nepal?? Yes, that's the most popular request I get. We usually cover this in the first email exchange which is free!

  5. When can you start? Straight away. Just fill out the form below and I'll get started in planning your trip to Nepal.

Let's get started!

Fill out as much of this form as you can. The more information you can give me the more I can help you!


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