About Getting to Gokarna

Gokarna sounds far but it is only 10 kilometers from Kathmandu city.

Gokarna temple complex
Gokarna temple complex

If you are going to Boudhanath and / or Pashupatinath then you could incorporate the two on a day trip if you hire a car or even if you go by bus and don't hang around too long.

By public transport buses leave frequently from Kathmandu's Ratna Park. This page will give you direction on getting to Gokarna meanwhile here is my free guide to Gokarna.

Avoid overpriced tours to Gokarna, they barely stay for 30 minutes and don't explore the whole area. If you are taking public transport to Gokarna try to leave early to avoid the traffic.

Did you know?

Gokarna temple complex contains some of the most unique and precious statues in all Nepal. My guidebook to Nepal contains extensive information and walk through to Gokarna at a fraction of the cost.

Transport to Gokarna

There are several transportation methods to Gokarna depending on your budget and schedule.

By bus: direct buses and mini-vans to Gokarna depart from Ratna in Kathmandu city every 30 minutes or so for 25 rupees (45 mins). These vehicles stop in Boudhanath but you don't have to transfer. They will continue on to Gokarna bus park. In 2022 Ratna Bus Park remains under construction, as such buses depart from the road outside.

Gokarna Mahadev temple is before the bus park in Gokarna. Just ask the bus conductor or driver to drop you at the temple.

Coming back from Gokarna by bus is made easier by just waiting by the store along side the road near the steps leading down to the temple (see the map below). Buses and mini-vans come frequently.

By taxi: taking a taxi from Kathmandu to Gokarna is quite easy but you will have to bargain hard for about 800 rupees. Most taxi drivers will be happy to wait for you if you are making the return journey after a few hours. There are not many taxis in Gokarna so you might want yours to wait 1,500-2,000 RTN (with one hour wait) or take a bus back.

By private car or jeep: Hiring your own car or jeep and driver is quite convenient when visiting Gokarna. They are generally more comfortable and as most are can be hired for the day it's possible to fit in another site such as Boudhanath or Pashupatinath. Private jeeps can be rented with a driver for about USD$35-50 per day. Air-conditioning is usually extra.

By private tour: There are several private tours from local travel agents in Kathmandu that visit Gokarna. Sadly many are simply not good value for money with guides that rush through things and don't explore all of the compound. My advice is if you have love of heritage then see my Nepal Guidebook which will give you a highly detailed step-by-step guide to Gokarna.

Map of Gokarna

Full directions to Gokarna and maps are available in my guidebook below.

Don't forget to read my free online guide to Gokarna or for a more indepth guide get my guidebook below!

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