About the Erotic Elephants Temple

Located just outside the western gates of Bhaktapur Durbar Square, these twin temples to Shiva and Shiva Parvati, historically known as Anantalingeswar & Uma Maheshwar temples, feature intricate carvings. Despite their smaller size, they hold significant cultural and historical value, having undergone minor repairs following the 2015 earthquake.

Observing the roof struts of the first temple reveals depictions of animals engaged in various forms of copulation, notably the famous intertwined elephant trunks.

Did you know?

It's not just this temple that features depictions of a sexual nature. Many temples within the Kathmandu Valley display intimate scenes on their roof struts.

Why are there erotic images on temples?

The presence of erotic images on temples has sparked various interpretations. While some locals suggest it serves to ward off the bashful god of lightning, historians propose it symbolizes the cycle of life. It is widely believed that during the Malla reign, artists were encouraged to express boldness through such artistic depictions.

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Entrance fee to the Erotic Elephant Temple

There is no fee to enter The Erotic Elephant Temple as it is located outside Bhaktapur Durbar Square and ticket offices.

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