About Thimi

Thimi or Madhyapur is situated between Kathmandu city and Bhaktapur city.  In recent years Thimi has changed its name back to its original name of "Madhyapur" which means "middle place".

Thimi:the forgotten gem of the Kathmandu Valley

Thimi:the forgotten gem of the Kathmandu Valley

Often overlooked by tourists who pass by on their way to Bhaktapur Thimi contains a virtual treasure trove of heritage along its quiet dusty streets. All of which are free to visit.

Virtually forgotten, off the beaten path, yet easy to visit. Thimi is as close to finding a lost city in the Kathmandu valley as you will get these days. Simply put, if you love heritage do not miss out on a quick visit to Thimi!

Thimi's outstanding collection of buildings, shrines and monuments have little protection due to its ambiguity. In recent years there are reports of up to one statue being stolen every three months.

Did you know?

Tradition dictates that a portion of all the rice sold in Ason Chowk must first be offered to the Goddess Annapurna.

While Saturday mornings are great for most heritage walks in Kathmandu, it's a day off for many vendors. So Ason on a Saturday morning will not have the same vibe as it does during the rest of the week.


Getting to Thimi

There are many transportation methods to Thimi depending on your budget and schedule. Thimi is only 12 km east from Kathmandu and 4km west of Bhaktapur.

Buses run from Ratna bus park every 15 or so minutes to Bhaktapur for 25 rupees which will drop you off at Thimi is you tell them too. Likewise from Bhaktapur to Kathmandu.

Taxi's tend to rack up the price a bit as they want a full journey. It should cost only 600 rupees to Thimi but most will charge 1,000. A return trip with a waiting time of one to two hours is about 2,000.

Do read my free online guide on getting to Thimi for full details.