About getting to Thimi

A bus in Thimi, Kathmandu

Take the Bhaktapur bus from Kathmandu to Thimi

Located between Kathmandu city and Bhaktapur, Thimi is often overlooked but very easy to get to. Do read my full guide free travel to Thimi. Most of the heritage sites in Thimi can be visited in an hour or two so you can easily stop off on the way to or back from Bhaktapur. Or, as a short trip from Kathmandu.

Thimi is virtually untouched in terms of tours and tourism - you'll be lucky to meet any tourist there.

The road to Thimi is along the highway to Bhaktapur so it's easy to reach on public transport. Coming back on a bus will mean flagging one down outside the main gates to Thimi or onwards to Bhaktapur.

Did you know?

Thimi is known as the "middle place" or Madhyapur due to its location between Kathmandu and Bhaktapur.

Transport to Thimi

There are several transportation methods to Thimi depending on your budget and schedule.

By bus: there are no direct buses to Thimi but plenty to Bhaktapur departing from Ratna bus park in Kathmandu city every 15 minutes or so for 25 rupees (20 min). You will need to tell the bus conductor or driver that you want to get off at Thimi or Madhyapur (Mad-Hi-A-Poor).

If you are coming from Bhaktapur simply do the same and ask to be dropped off at Thimi.

Coming back from Thimi you'll need to cross the road to flag down a bus to Kathmandu. Or, stay on the same side to flag down a bus to Bhaktapur. Buses are very frequent in both directions so it's worth waiting for one with a seat.

It's probably not a good idea to grab a bus at Bhaktapur bus stop just before Kathmandu's Ratna park as they often go a different route. Grab the Bhaktapur bus from Ratna park as described above!

By taxi: taking a taxi from Kathmandu to Thimi is quite easy but you will have to bargain hard for about 1,000+ rupees. Most taxi drivers will be happy to wait for you if you are making the return journey after a few hours which would cost a total of about 2,000-2,500 rupees.

By private car or jeep: Hiring your own car or jeep and driver is quite convenient when visiting Thimi though not worth it if you are only going there. Hiring a car is best reserved for full days out, multiple locations or overnights. They are generally more comfortable and it's possible to fit in another site such as Bhaktapur or Dhulikhel on the same day. Private jeeps can be rented with a driver for about USD$35-50 per day. Air-conditioning is usually extra.

Taking a private tour to Thimi is not recommended. I've yet to come across any guide or travel agent to know much about the place. In lieu of this I highly recommend you get my guidebook to the Kathmandu Valley or better yet my guidebook to Nepal which will guide you through all of Thimi with ease.

Map of Thimi

Do read my full free online guide to Thimi for more. Meanwhile full directions to Panauti and maps are available in my guidebook below.


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