The Ajima Shrine

Ajima Hariti Shrine in Boudhanath
Ajima Hariti Shrine in Boudhanath

If you are visiting the Boudhanath stupa, you'll undoubtedly pass by a temple-like shrine built beside the steps leading to the stupa's dome on the ground level. This is a shrine to Ajima, protector of children goddess or the goddess of smallpox.

It's a fascinating little legend well worth taking a quick read about as you'll encounter many people praying in front of this shrine for their children.

A bit strange considering Ajima used to terrorize them and eat them!

Ajima Hariti legend

Legend goes that Ajima, or Hariti as she is better known locally, was a demon who had hundreds of children she loved very much. However, to feed all her children she gave local children smallpox, abducted them, and then ate them. Thus giving her energy to feed her many children.

One day Buddha learned about this and decided to hide one of Ajima's beloved children.

Ajima became distraught when she could not find her child. In the end, she went to Buddha to ask for his help in finding her child.

Interestingly, you can find several Ajima shrines across Kathmandu. Doing a Kathmandu heritage walk is one of the best ways to find them.

From demon to protector of children

Buddha asked Ajima if the pain she felt was the same as all the pain experienced by the hundreds of children she had taken. Ajima understood and so apologized for all the hurt she had caused and vowed never to eat another child again.

Buddha then took Ajima and taught her enlightenment before making her the protector of children.

The Ajima Hariti shrine today

Today many local people pray to Ajima for protection over their children. You must remove your shoes before stepping up to the shrine.

The statue of Ajima is behind the glass screen.

There are no charges or donations required so ignore anyone asking for them.

The shrine was "renovated" during 2016 when the main Boudha stupa was being repaired. At night the shrine is lit up with butter lamps which can be one of the best times to visit Boudha.

Cost of visiting the Ajima Hariti shrine

The Ajima Hariti shrine is included in the main Boudha entrance fee.


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