About the Mahaboudha Temple

Located to the south of Patan Durbar Square the Mahaboudha (Mahabuddha) temple is one of several popular attractions of culture worth stopping by to see if you walk around this old Newari city.

The Mahaboudha Temple
The Mahaboudha Temple

The nickname "temple of a thousand and eight Buddhas" comes from the engraved terracotta tiles that cover the stone structiure.

The temple is sometimes called the "the temple of 9000" buddhas too. However this is somewhat misleading as the 9000 referers to the stones used to build the temple under the tiles.

The temple had some mild damage during the April 25th earthquake in Nepal. and is currently still waiting for renovation.

Take note of the small ticket price for the temple below as it also covers the nearby Uku Bahal monastery.

Did you know?

The temple is modeled on the Mahabodhi Temple at Bodhgaya, India. The story of how the one in Nepal was made is quite interesting.

How the Mahaboudha Temple was built

In the 1500s a devotee from Patan named Abhaya Raj Shakya visited the famous Mahabodhi temple in Bodhgaya temple in India. Whist in Bodgaya he studied coin making. Back in Kathmandu he obtained permssion to begin a royal mint in his courtyad. In 1564 he began constuction of this Mahaboudha temple however he died when only foundation were constructed.

Buddha statues inside the Mahaboudha Temple
Three of one thousand Buddha statues carved into the Mahaboudha Temple

Each of five Abhaya's sons worked on finishing temple. All but the fifth died with the project incomplete. The fifth son was about to give up when a goddess appeared and he continued the project. The Mahaboudha temple was finished in 1610.

The temple was severely damaged in the earthquake of 1933 and an extensive restoration project facilitated much of the repairs.

Renovation of the Mahaboudha Temple

The Mahaboudha temple was damaged in the 2015 earthquake. It's located in a small courtyard and still stands today. The structure now has scaffolding around it to prevent any further damage until renovation is complete. The tiles are still visible and it's still worthy of a quick visit as the ticket price is covered in the Uku Bahal price which is nearby.

Entrance fee for the Mahaboudha Temple

The current fee for foreigners is 50 rupees. This ticket is also valid for nearby Uku Bahal. So you only need to buy one ticket at either compound

Map of the Mahaboudha Temple & Patan

Use this map of Patan for to locate the Mahaboudha Temple and other highlights in Patan. For a better map download my full travel guide to Patan

The Mahaboudha Temple is located down a narrow side street in south Patan.

As you come out of Uku Bahal take a left then the first street to your right. The Mahaboudha Temple street will be the first on your left. See my travel guide below for full walking directions.


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