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Difference between Chitwan & Sauraha

Do understand the difference between Chitwan National Park and Sauraha.

Chitwan National Park is all jungle, grassland, rivers and swamp filled with wildlife.

Sauraha is the small town outside the park where most of the accommodation is found. Sauraha also is the transport hub to the rest of Nepal and locally to the elephant breeding center, elephant safari and ticket offices.

Most people either arrive into Sauraha on a package tour or independently.

Transport around Chitwan

Chitwan is all jungle. There are two main ways to get around the jungle.

Trek on foot or take a jeep tour deep into the jungle

Jungle treks on foot: treks are with a guide and take place over 1-5 days. Accommodation is either in shelters or lodges depending on budget.

Jeep safaris: 4x4's go deeper into the jungle fast. The idea is to give you a head start before going out on foot for a better chance at spotting wild life.. 1 day on jeep and bring you into the 3rd zone in the jungle map above.

There are no elephant safaris in this part of the jungle. They only take place in the northern designated area.

Please read my guide to Chitwan National Park for more information on these activities

Transport around Sauraha

Map from Chitwan Guidebook
Map from Chitwan Guidebook

Sauraha is a relatively small town. So it's easy to walk around. There are several roads running through it but there's only one main road that run through it to the Rapti river.

Getting around Sauraha is normally done on foot. There are however cycle rickshaws which will take you around. Prices are usually around 20-50rps depending on distance. Less if you are a local.

Hotels often run mini van and jeep services between popular areas such as the elephant breeding center or sunset by the river. Theses services are usually part of package tour.

There are no motor taxis. Elephant transport is available but must be booked privately.

For detailed transport guide check out my guide on getting to Chitwan & Sauraha

Note: when walking around Sauraha do be aware of dress codes even in the heat or after river bathing. Walking around shirtless, in swimsuits or very short skimpy/exposed attire is frowned upon by locals.

Distances & walking times around Sauraha

Please note these times are rough estimates based on an average pace:

Bus stop to elephant statue: 30 mins - 45

Main street to elephant breeding center: 1 hour

Rhino statue (main street) to Rapti river front: 10 minutes

Rhino statue to ticket office: 20 minutes

Elephant statue (top of main road) to Rapti river: 30 minutes

For more information check out my full guide to Chitwan National Park. Alternatively, save time and download my guidebook to Chitwan

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