About the House of the Priest

Located in the south west of Kathmandu Durbar square behind Kasthamandap is this awkward looking house with a red door with Buddha eyes. It is known both as the house of the priest and the house of spells.

House of Spells in Durbar Square
House of Spells in Durbar Square in Durbar Square

The house is home to a priest who looks after the nearby ganesh shrine (Ashok Binayak)located around the corner beside Kasthamandap. Strangely the building isn't known as the house of spells due to a priest living inside but due to its perpendicular construction

You cannot enter the house of the priest but you are free to photograph it. The building was not damaged in the earthquake.

Did you know?

Just past the house of spells to the left is a descending street known as "Pig Alley". This area is a traditional market dating back to the origins of Kathmandu city.

Nearby the House of the Priest/Spells

Right in front of the house of spells is the back of Kasthamandap which was destroyed in the 2015 earthquake and in 2022 opened after being rebuilt. All around this area is a local vegetable market which has been disturbed by the rebuilding project. There are no stalls just blankets or produce from each vendor is placed on the walls or ground here.

Do note that local markets have largely moved to nearby Maru Tole around the corner. You can visit this area by using my book Kathmandu Valley Heritage Walks.

To the west of the house of the priest is an Indian style brick shikhara dedicated to Shiva.

At the junction is an entry point to Kathmandu Durbar Square and in front of it the rundown building known as Simha Sattal which was once a dance house dedicated to Shiva.

To the east of the priests house is the ganesh shrine he looks after known as Maru Ganesh or Ashok Binayak. Ganesh's mouse sits opposite it!

Entrance fee for the House of Spells

There is no fee to view the house of the priest/spells as it's covered under the main fee for Kathmandu Durbar Square.

Directions to the House of Spells

From Thamel head straight south to Kathmandu Durbar Square. You can walk along a Kathmandu city heritage walk to make the most of the journey there. In Kathmandu Durbar Square, you'll find the House of Spells behind the re-constuction efforts of Kasthamandap.

Map to the House of Spells

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