About Friendship Park

In April 2001, Pokhara and the Japanese town of Komagane (Nagano) signed an agreement of international cooperation and friendship. The result of this was the construction of the Pokhara-Komagane Friendship Park located in Lower Lakeside Pokhara.

Friendship Park in Pokhara

Friendship Park in Pokhara

The park is beside another park known as Basandhara Park. Pokhara-Komagane Friendship Park is a pleasant enough green area (during the monsoon). Given Pokhara's abundance of trekking and hiking around the regions, the park may not impress many. It is a popular place for local Nepali who often come at weekends for picnics and weddings.

Aside from a non-functioning fountain and green area, there are several modern stone sculptures located in the park by students which might be of interest. Sadly, these seem never to be finished, but there was an attempt at least! The park's highlight is at the rear where the new Kedareshwar Mahadev Mani temple is located.

If you've skipped any of the cultural/historic buildings around the Kathmandu Valley on your visit to Nepal, then Pokhara-Komagane Friendship Park might be worth a short walk to. The Kedareshwar Mahadev Mani temple inside will give you a taste of Newari architecture that Nepal is famous for.

Did you know?

Japan and Nepal have a history of several sister cities including Kathmandu and Matsumoto along with Tukche (Nepal) and Toga (Japan).

Things to do in the Friendship Park

Friendship Park is useful for people to use as a traffic-free running area. Culturally, it's best visited if you are with Nepali people (picnics etc). The stone sculptures are as of yet, not finished. The ground is dry and dusty during the winter months, and the fountain does not work.

During the 2020-2022 pandemic, the park was not kept in great condition and became overgrown. It's recently been restored to short grass again.

The Kedareshwar Mahadev Mani temple to the rear is certainly worth a visit if you have not been to any other Newari temple in Nepal. It's a relatively new temple but is a fine example of what Newari architecture is like.

Directions to the Friendship Park

Friendship Park is located in south Lakeside. It's beside Basandhara park en route to Damside.

Entry fee to Friendship Park

There is no entry fee into Friendship park. Although there are no reports of touts asking for fees at the gate do be aware of people offering to show you around for a fee. There is no need real for a guide to show you around the park.

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