About Basantapur Tower

Located to your right just passed the main entrance to Kathmandu Durbar square. Basantapur tower was one of tallest towers in the square and one of the more ornate. Also known as the nine-storey palace Basantapur tower was built by King Prithvi Naraya in the mid 18th century.

Basantapur Tower (Nine-storey palace) from the outside
Basantapur Tower (Nine-storey palace) from the outside

The upper two floors of Basantapur Tower were destroyed during the April 25th earthquake in Nepal. Renovation is currently underway. In 2022 Chinese scaffolding continues adorns most of this building along with large signs. This is not a negative as there was very little to see of the main structure which had previously been under tarpaulin for protection prior to renovation.

Do try to get a closer look at the towers carvings from this side. There's more to the towers exterior though. It's on of the few, and most impressive, old buildings you can climb up through and look out over Kathmandu.

The entrance to Basantapur tower (nine-story palace) is inside the main royal palaces interior Lohan chowk - entry was via Hanuman Dhoka which is still open.

Did you know?

Basantapur tower means "palace of the spring". Only the Taleju temple is taller.

it's said you can see the mountains from the top of Basantapur tower however this is now very rare due to excessive pollution in Kathmandu.

Inside Basantapur Tower

As nice as Basantapur Tower was from the outside the nine-story place was much more impressive from the inside. Enter from Lohan Chowk and ascend the narrow stairwells all the way up through the towers floors.

Basantapur Tower (Nine-storey palace) from the inside
Basantapur Tower (Nine-storey palace) from the inside

Each floor has little windows you can peak out into both the chowk below, durbar square, across the Kathmandu valley and towards the new city.

About half way up you'll come across a lovely window and a chair looking out over durbar square where royalty once sat to observe. Meanwhile at the very last floor the views are at their best.

Entrance fee for the House of Spells

There is no fee to view Basantapur Tower as it's covered under the main fee for Kathmandu Durbar Square.

Directions to Basantapur Tower

From Thamel head straight south to Kathmandu Durbar Square. You can walk along a Kathmandu city heritage walk to make the most of the journey there. In Kathmandu Durbar Square, you'll find  In Kathmandu Durbar Square, the exterior of Basantapur tower is located in the southern section directly opposite Jhochhen (Freak Street). As the nine-storey town is still under re-constuction it's not possible to enter it. However should the building open then the entrence to the interior is from inside Hanuman Dokha.

Map to the House of Spells

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