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Things to do in & around Bardia

Tharu museums, to crocodile breeding & sunsets
Updated: January 31st 2019 | Nepal travel guides

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There's more than jungle treks in Bardia
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» Fishing

» Bird Watching

» Tharu Museum

» Crocodile breeding center

» Elephant breeding center

» Temples in Bardia

» Village walks / bicycling in Bardia

There's more to do in Bardia than just Junle Treks

While Bardia National is renown for its jungle treks there's more to do in Bardia than just trekking in the jungle looking for wild tigers. Certainly, there are no restaurants or "entertainment" venues there but there are a few recreational attractions to see and do around the park.

The most popular things to do in Bardia usually involve visiting the various breeding centers followed by the Tharu museum. But don't let the opportunity to do a village walk or bicycle tour pass you by before leaving. It's a part of Nepal few get to see!

Jungle Treks in Bardia

Jungle treks are the most popular activity in Bardia National Park. From half day morning or evening It's also possible to take longer treks while staying in community forest areas in the jungle.

Tiger sightings are the most popular reason to do jungle treks in Bardia followed by wild rhino and elephants along with other wildlife.

You can spend anywhere from 1 day to several weeks doing jungle treks in Bardia. Do arrange prices for all with some bargaining and ask for discounts if you plan to do more than one trek.

Likewise the combination of jungle treks along with a jeep safari can make for an ultimate jungle experience by going deep into the forests of Bardia.

Do read by full guide on jungle treks in Bardia.

Boating in Bardia

Taking to the rivers around Bardia is a popular day trip for many. You'll get to see the jungle from a different view point than on foot. Animals will largely ignore you and carry on as per normal.

The negative side of boating is that it can be expensive (upwards of $150) and there is a very real danger of crocodiles in the water!

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River Fishing in Bardia

For anglers river fishing in Bardia is a popular activity. Golden mahseer and goonch are the most popular fish.

A permit must be acquired beforehand and all fish must be returned to the river.

Fishing equipment may be rented for a USD $10 per day. See my guidebook for more details.

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Bird Watching in Bardia

With hundreds of wild birds in Bardia it has become somewhat of a bird watching paradise. Egrets, Black Ibis, Francolins, Lesser Whistling Duck, Hornbillss, Kingfishers, Warblers and hundreds more can be spotted.

It's important to know your birds before arriving. Only a few guides in Bardia are true experts at spotting birds.The guides recommened in my guidebook to Nepal have extensive experince..

If you just want to wander around outside Bardia National Park and bird watch this is also possible. But do note that although most of the area is a National Park the areas outside is often still dense with forest and dangerous animals.

If entering the National Park a permit must be acquired beforehand.

Tharu Cultural Museum

Just inside the main gates to the National Park is the Tharu Cultural Museum. If you've never visited a Tharu village it's worth a quick look.

Inside the building are various Tharu cultural displays from agricultural equipment to everyday clothing and kitchenware.

Although the museum is within the National Park it has a small separate charge but you don't need a park ticket to visit it.

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Crocodile Breeding Center

The crocodile breeding center can be accessed from both inside the park and outside near the Elephant breeding center. There's a charge to view the crocodiles but it's rarely enforced.

The crocodile breeding center contains marsh huggers and gharial crocodiles. While the unusual looking gharial crocodiles are interesting the breeding center is overpriced and quite small.


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Elephant Breeding Center

To the south of Bardia National Park is the small Elephant Breeding Center. Similar to the one in Chitwan it contains elephants of various ages. Some are used for anti-poaching patrols others are here due to injury and for breeding.

There is a small charge to enter and although it is open all day there are preferred times to visit. Full details in my guidebook.


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Temples in Bardia

At Thakurdwara there are several small temples and shrines. While they are quite new the Shiva temple has a history dating back to the origins of Bardia.

There are no charges to visit any of these shrines or the main temple. Interestingly the main Shiva temple is quite colorful and unique in Nepal. Due to it's uniqueness it's been digitally preserved in 3D by the Digital Archaeology Foundation.


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Village walks & bicycling in Bardia

If you are looking for things to do away from the jungle then visiting some of the local villages around Bardia National Park is a very thing to do by yourself.

Either by walking or by bicycle you can head south from Thakurdwara until you reach the bridge then take a left. Follow the path out to several local villages.

There are guides that will charge fees for tours to these villages but do note the villages do not charge and do not get any of the money.

Here is my full online guide to Bardia National Park. Meanwhile full details of all these things to do in Bardia National Park and more are available in my guidebook below.


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Download my full guidebook to Bardia National Park

Are you looking to discover more about Bardia National Park? Look no further as I've written the most comprehensive travel guide to Bardia!

Find out more!

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Bardia National Park
Spotting a rhino bathing on a full day jungle trek in Bardia
Spotting a rhino bathing on a full day jungle trek in Bardia





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