About Rafting and Kayaking in Pokhara

Whitewater Rafting in Pokhara

Whitewater Rafting in Pokhara

Rafting and kayaking have been popular in Pokhara for well over a decade. Rivaling Kathmandu for a choice of easy-to-reach rivers, Pokhara is a premier location in Nepal for Kayak clinics (learning centers).

Kayaking is most popular on the Seti river, which offers the best experience. There are also longer haul trips down the Narayani river all the way to Chitwan National Park.

Nearly every travel agent in Pokhara will offer rafting or kayaking. It's worth your while to seek out the genuine and original operators to reduce your costs. They are listed alongside maps in my guidebook to Pokhara below. However, much like paragliding outfits, rafting companies are being priced out of the rental market along Lakeside and many are now simply letting travel agents do the booking for them.

Did you know?

The term Kayak clinic is used for lessons in kayaking including how to roll.

Cost and prices of Kayaking and rafting in Pokhara

Every company in Pokhara will have their own pricing and packages. However, here is an example of what to expect.

Rafting in Pokhara

Rafting in Pokhara

The average cost of rafting in Pokhara is USD $50 per day. This does not always include your equipment, e.g., helmet, life jacket, so do check before booking.

An overnight rafting package that includes accommodation and food can cost from USD $160.

A four-day Kayaking expedition can cost from USD $500 and includes meals and accommodation.

A four-day Kayak clinic (beginner) costs approximately USD $550 and includes accommodation and food.

If you plan to Kayak from Pokhara to Chitwan, then do find out if the Chitwan National Park entrance fee is included or not.

Rafting and Kayaking companies in Pokhara

Again do be aware of agencies vs actual operators.

Respected agencies include Himalayan Encounters, Paddle Nepal and Adrenaline Rush Nepal. All these and more are listed in my guidebook.

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