About the Golden Gate(Sundhoka)

The Golden Gate is a must-see attraction within the Royal Palace at Bhaktapur's Durbar Square. Also known as Sundhoka or Soon Dhoka, this gate was constructed by King Ranajit Malla in 1753 CE. It serves as the entrance to the inner courtyard leading to the Taleju temple and Naga Pokhari.

The Golden Gate in Bhaktapur Nepal
The Golden Gate in Bhaktapur Nepal
The gateway's frame holds immense archaeological, historical, and religious significance. Built by King Ranajit Malla in 1753 with copper gilding, its intricate craftsmanship makes it renowned as the greatest piece of Nepalese art ever created.


There's a permanent army guard stationed at the Golden Gate to secure the entrance to the Royal Palace courtyard. It's free to enter, so don't worry about any entrance fees.


Did you know?

Bhaktapur served as the capital city of the Malla Kingdom until the 15th century and remained an independent kingdom until the 18th century.

Here's a larger photograph of the Golden Gate in Bhaktapur.


Highlights of the Golden Gate

Outside the gate, on either side, stands a vase symbolizing good fortune. The Golden Gate itself is crafted from gilded copper and is considered the finest example of repoussage.

Above the door, a Toran featuring a powerful winged Garuda is depicted with a naga (serpent) flowing downwards.

Below the Garuda, a four-headed Taleju deity with ten arms is showcased, serving as the Malla royal guardian deity.

Presently, people pay respect to two other important deities depicted on the gate, Bhairab and Kali, both adorned with red tikka.

British historian Percy Brown (1872 CE - 1955 CE) praised the Golden Gate, stating:

"the most lovely piece of art in the whole Kingdom; it is placed like a jewel, flashing innumerable facets in the handsome setting of its surroundings."

Entrance Fee

There is no fee to see the Golden Gate in Bhaktapur as it's covered under the main Durbar Square ticket. Additionally, there is no fee to enter through the Golden Gate, leading to the Taleju temple.

Behind the Golden Gate, you'll find the Taleju Temple and the Royal Bath for further exploration.


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