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Certainly! Here is the revised HTML code with the closing `` and `` tags removed: ```html Dattatreya Square is located to the east of Bhaktapur Durbar Square and Taumadhi square and is often called Tachapal Tole. Dattatreya Square is also the oldest of all the squares in Bhaktapur.

Dattatreya Square in Bhaktapur
Dattatreya Square in Bhaktapur features the main Dattatreya temple and a dancing platform with a tall Garuda statue. Surrounding the square are museums and many streets leading to attractions like the Peacock window.

Dattatreya Square is often referred to as Dattatreya Tole because "tole" means "market street area" in Nepali. The area still retains some old market stalls that have now become "corner stores".

The square comprises an open central area with two main temples alongside a smaller one. Additionally, there are two museums and several quiet side streets branching out to markets, monuments, and more temples.

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Did you know?

It is believed that Dattatreya Square, which dates back to the early 15th century, may actually have a much longer history. It is possible that this was the inaugural square utilized by the Nepali monarchy. The reason for Bhaktapur Durbar Square becoming the preferred choice is not clear, although its larger size may have been better suited for a growing kingdom.


Must see highlights around Dattatreya Square

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Bhimsen Temple

The Bhimsen temple in Dattatreya square

The two roofed rectangular Bhimsen Temple may look plain but the further you step back the more it looks so very different to other temples in Nepal. No one seems to know the exact date of its construction though 1605 CE is generally agreed.

From the dance platform in front, look up into the first floor above the open ground floor. There in the center is a shrine where a clay image of Bhimsen, the god of trade and commerce, sits. He is portrayed with a red face, angry eyes, and a thick black mustache.

Walk through the open ground floor to the back of the temple where there’s a very old deep hiti known as Bhimsen Pokhari. There’s no exact date for this hiti but archaeologists have said it predates the temple. Back at the platform in front of the Bhimsen temple, there is a column that has a Naga at the top.

In late 2018, work to restore the Bhimsen temple was completed.

Laxmi Narayan Temple

Laxmi Narayan Temple in Dattatreya Square, Bhaktapur

A small two-tiered temple dedicated to Laxmi/Narayan. It’s usually locked and the steps used as a meeting place in the evenings.

If you do get to look inside there is an ornate gilded statue of Laxmi and Narayan.

Dattatreya Temple

Dattatreya temple in Dattatreya square, Bhaktapur

In front of a tall Garuda column stands one of the oldest temples in Bhaktapur. The temple was built in 1427 by King Yaksha Malla, then restored in 1458. It’s said to be the only temple in Nepal dedicated to Dattatreya who is part of the trinity of Vishnu, Shiva, and Brahma.

Legend tells of the temple being built using the timber from a single tree (very similar to Kasthamandap in Kathmandu). Astute observers will notice that the front area is a little different from the rest of the temple as it was added later. The base of the temple has several erotic carvings. The temple is guarded at its base steps by statues of the Rajput wrestlers Jayamel and Phattu who also guard the Nyatapola temple in Taumadhi Square.

Tip: If you come by here at about 7pm the front porch area is usually filled with local musicians on traditional instruments.

Pujar Math (Woodcarving Museum) / Brass and Bronze Museum

Woodcarving museum in Dattatreya Square, Bhaktapur

The two museums stand practically opposite each other behind the Dattatreya temple. You might notice a small puppet looking out from one of the top windows of the woodcarving museum. This lovely math was built in 1763 and now houses the museum. The museum has some great examples of Bhaktapur’s woodcarvings on display over three floors. There’s an inner courtyard with some of the finest examples of window carvings in the valley, which is possibly worth the price of admission.

Across the square is the brass and bronze museum which is far less impressive but at least comes under the same entrance ticket. Inside are three galleries containing some of Bhaktapur’s finest metal craftsmanship. Most of the displays are of domestic or ritual objects.

Visitors should note that the National Art Museum in Bhaktapur Durbar Square ticket will also give you entrance into the Woodcarving and Brass work Museum (vice versa is also possible).

Peacock window

Peacock window near Dattatreya Square, Bhaktapur

Located down the side lane beside the woodcarving museum is a window carving of a peacock set high in a wall. The window is said to have been made in the 15th century. It's sometimes referred to as the "Mona Lisa" of Nepal and is one of its most treasured items.

In the 2015 earthquake, the walls surrounding it on both sides were badly damaged. However, the window survived with little to no damage. In 2017, the walls were fully repaired and the Peacock window can still be visited.

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Accommodation near Dattatreya Square

There are a few hotels within Dattatreya square most nearby hotels are spread out across Bhaktapur but everything is within easy walking distance. A benefit of staying in Dattatreya square compared to Bhaktapur Durbar Square would be less tourists, and a quiter stay.

Many of these hotels run restaurants. Unfortunately they change names nearly every year. But, they are always in the same locations.

High-end hotels near Dattatreya Square

Most hotels in the square are of a mid-level quality the difference thee days is that "boutique" hotels are capitalizing on this. Do look carefully and decide if the extra cost is worth it.

Peacock Guest  House Peacock Guest House - On the main square stands this well run guesthouse with clean well decorated rooms in Newari design. Book here ★★★☆☆

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Mid-range: USD $20-80 per night

Unique Guesthouse Unique Guesthouse - Run by two brothers for many years this guesthouse has one of the best balcony views over the square. Book here ★★★★

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Budget hotels in Dattatreya Square: USD $5-20 per night

  Dattatreya Guest House - Just behind the Bhimsen temple and the hiti is this budget place. Check the rooms out first though. Details are in my guidebook. Book here ★★☆☆☆

+ Location

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Restaurants around Taumadhi square

There are now a few restaurants around Dattatreya square, but most are more like cafes linked to the hotels. However it's very walkable to other areas around Bhaktapur.

Cafe de Peacock: with the best restaurant views over Dattatreya square and with good meals it's just a shame the prices are bloated.

Peacock Guest House: the food here is good when it's served. They tend to guests first but the bakery nearly always has something on offer.

King Curd: There are plenty of king curd or Juju Dhau stores selling fresh yogurt around the side streets to the east of Dattatreya square.

Many more restaurant and places to eat are listed in my guidebook below.

Map & Directions to Dattatreya square

From Bhaktapur Durbar Square simply walk passed the lions at the end of the square and keep going. However if you take the first right down the narrow street - it leads directly into Taumadhi Square which also has a main street leading to Dattatreya square. Full sized maps available in my guidebooks.

Map of Dattatreya square

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