About the World Peace Pagoda in Pokhara

The World Peace Pagoda in Pokhara Nepal is painted a brilliant white and sits atop a hill overlooking the Annapurna Mountain range which reflects off Lake Phewa Tal below. It is thusly one of the more serene peace pagodas in the world.

Built just after World War 2 by Buddhist monks from the Japanese Nipponzan Myohoji organization this World Peace Pagoda is one of over 80 world peace pagodas in the world today. They are built to inspire peace for all races & creeds.

You can easily visit the World Peace Pagoda in from Lakeside in Pokhara and it's well worth the trip for the views alone.

The World Peace Pagoda in Pokhara offers a lot more than just a stupa. It's a lake, a small trek and a mountain view. Add in some side trips and it's great little outing to do while in Pokhara.

Did you know?

Nichidatsu Fujii (1885 to 1985) is the founder of Nipponzan Myōhōji organization. He met Mahatma Gandhi in 1931 and dedicated his life to promoting non-violence. After World War 2 he began to create world peace pagodas around the world to promote peace. By the year 2000 there were over 80.

The World Peace Pagoda is rumored to have cost USD $1 Million to build.

How to get to The World Peace Pagoda

By boat & hike: This is the most popular way to reach the World Peace Pagoda. Hire a rowing boat from Lakeside in Pokhara with or without a rower and make your way over to the shore beneath the Pagoda.

Once there it's a steep forest incline to the top that take most people 45 minutes to climb. The trail can get muddy and slippery so do take caution.

Once at the top make your way to World Peace Pagoda. There are several small cafes nearby and an excellent viewing platform to see the Annapurna mountain range. To make your way back, either follow the trail back to the shore and hire a boat back to lakeside. Or continue on past the Pagoda to the main road, or the foot trail leading down to Chhorepatan or along Pardi Bazaar. Once there take a mini bus back to Lakeside in Pokhara.

Costs: Rowing boats have prices displayed at the small dock in Lakeside. 800 rupees one way pp or 1200 rupees return is the usual fare. You'll need to pay 50 rupees for a life jacket. Prices can vary depending on the season and the "type" of boat.

How to reach the World Peace Pagoda by mini Bus/Car/Walking:

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There is now a road that leads to within 10 minutes of the world peace pagoda. You can hire a taxi to take you there and they will wait and bring you back if you make an arrangement before hand.

Alternatively take a mini bus from Lakeside to Chhorepatan (past Pardi Bazaar) and then take the paved trail up the hill to the pagoda. You can also walk from lakeside all the way but the main roads can get hot and dusty.
Costs: Bus is around 5 rupees. A taxi to the top 1,000 rupees. 1,500 rupees to wait an hour and return. Barter for a lower taxi cost.

Caution: There is no lighting on the trails or roads going to/from the Pagoda. The trails can become loose underfoot. There were past reports of muggings, but none recently. Solo travelers would be advised to go with someone they know well.

Things to do around the World Peace Pagoda

If the weather is clear then an early morning sunrise can lead to spectacular views of the Annapurna mountains.

There are some small cafes near the pagoda where you can sit out and enjoy the views.

Pumdikot Shiva Statue is a 20 minute hike from World Peace Stupa and is Nepal's tallest Shiva statue at 108-feet. However, the actual statue which sits on a dome is 51-feet. Behind the statue is a view of the Annapurna mountain range.

Devi's Falls is a famous above and underground area located in Chhorepatan. If taking the Chhorepatan / Padi Bazaar route then it's worth stopping off at. As is Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave opposite. Right beside the cave entrance is a "Robotic Buddha Museum and to the right of the cave a street leading to one of the Tibetan settlement camps.

There's a small island on Phewa Tal near to the shore with a Hindu temple called Taal Bharai that can be visited on the way back from the World Peace Pagoda.

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