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Taking Jungle treks in Bardia

Get into the real jungle of Nepal with wild tigers & wildlife
Updated: January 31st 2019 | Nepal travel guides

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On foot or by jeep a jungle adventure awaits
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» What types of jungle treks are available?

» What type of trek is best in Bardia?

» Jungle treks on foot

» Half day, full day, or overnight treks?

» Jeep treks in Bardia

» River boating

» More on Bardia National Park

Types of Jungle Trek in Bardia

There are basically only three types of jungle trek in Bardia. Two of these (Treks and jeeps) are the most popular and can be combined. Elephant jungle safaris are not very popular compared to Chitwan National Park.

Jungle treks / walks

By far the most enjoyable and popular jungle treks in Bardia take place on foot. These walks take place on half day / full day / or overnight excursions with a high chance at seeing wildlife.

Jeep safaris

The second most popular way to explore Bardia National Park is by jeep. These jeeps allow you deep into the jungle with a good chance at spotting wildlife.

Jeep and trek safaris

These are a combination of taking a jeep deep into the jungle and then setting out for a full day of wildlife spotting by foot. This style of excursion is more expensive than the single options. It differs from just a jeep safari as you'll be doing more trekking on foot.

Elephant safaris

The elephant safaris in Bardia National Park are not popular for several reasons. The first is that the wildlife in Bardia is not as numerous compared to Chitwan where elephant safaris are popular. The second reason is that only the larger more expensive resorts own elephants in Bardia.

Bird watching safaris

Bardia is a bird watchers paradise. Egrets, Black Ibis, Francolins, Lesser Whistling Duck, Hornbills and hundreds of other birds can be spotted. It's important to note that skilled bird watching guides are harder to come across. Some guides simply wing it! Feel free to contact me to get a recommendation - do get my guidebook first - if you are looking for one.

Rafting / boating safaris

While not so popular for wildlife spotting rafting or boating in Bardia is possible and does offer a unique jungle experience.

Here is my full online guide to Bardia National Park. Meanwhile the rest of this page will deal with jungle treks in Bardia.

Types of Jungle treks in Bardia

There are several types of jungle treks on foot. You can pick and choose as you wish with your jungle resort of guide service. If they have a fixed list of activities don't worry as they are rarely adhered too.

It's quite common for people to do several full day jungle treks rather than overnight treks which don't actually allow you to stay in the jungle. Full day treks involve trekking in the jungle, plus long periods of wildlife spotting.

The second most popular trek is a jeep safari which means you will drive deep into the jungle before trekking / walking in the jungle to various look-out points.

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The best type of jungle trek in Bardia

The most popular trek in Bardia is a full day walking trek. A full days jungle trek offers a lot of potential to spot a tiger and other wildlife without breaking ones budget.

Half day jungle trek

A half day trek can happen either in the morning or after lunch. You'll trek for a few hours in the jungle before reaching a popular look out point for wildlife. These types of trek offer only a small chance at seeing big game due to the short amount of time you actually have at a look out point.

Full day jungle treks

Full day jungle treks/walks offer the best value and the best chance at seeing wildlife. They start out in the morning with a couple hours of trekking before resting for lunch at a look out point. Short walks then take place to various wildlife look-out points. Linking up several full day treks increases your chances at spotting wildlife. A good guide can make the difference in your full day jungle trek so choose carefully.

Overnight jungle treks

Overnight treks mean you'll be camping out in the buffer zone's of Bardia National Park. No one is allowed to stay in the actual park at night. It is illegal to do so. The buffer zone looks similar to the park and it's hard to tell the difference. It does mean you get to explore the jungle like few other people. The chances of spotting wildlife increases based on the extra hours you are outside. The biggest thrill is staying out overnight with the sounds of the jungle all around you.

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Jeep Safaris in Bardia

Jeep safaris offer you a chance to go deep into the depths of Bardia's jungle and then trek for a while.

Jeep safaris can be done for a half-day, full-day or overnight. They are very similar to jungle treks only you will have the fun of being in a jeep and will be able to go deep into the jungle before getting out to trek.

By going deep into the jungle you increase your chances at seeing a wild tiger. It's still not a guarantee but you will be in places less populated by people where tigers are known to live.

Jeep Safaris can start from USD $170 for a full day. But you can break this price up if there's a group of you going.

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River boating in Bardia

Hiring a boat in Bardia will enable you to paddle along the river for a different perspective on wildlife spotting in Bardia. During the dry season you will often spot deer, rhino or even tigers drinking along the shores.

The boats are rubber-dingy types and the rivers are inhabited by marsh-mugger and gharial crocodiles!


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More things to do in Bardia

Even though Jungle treks and safaris are the most popular activities in Bardia National Park there are many more things to do. From cultural village tours, fishing, rafting, bicycling, to visiting crocodile or elephant breeding centers.

Do check out my online guide to Bardia National Park to find out more, or better yet download my full guidebook below!

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Download my full guidebook to Bardia National Park

Are you looking to discover more about Bardia National Park? Look no further as I've written the most comprehensive travel guide to Bardia!

Find out more!

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From full day treks to overnight stays

Watching for wild animals in Bardia
Choosing the type of trek you go on in Bardia will determine what wildlife you will come across
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Bardia National Park
Going for a jeep safari in Bardia National Park
Jeep safari in Bardia National Park





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