Wall climbing in Kathmandu

Indoor Wall Climbing in Kathmandu
Indoor Wall Climbing in Kathmandu

Indoor and outdoor wall climbing has been available in Kathmandu city for years. It's a fun activity for nearly all the family, adding in some adrenaline and adventure to your travels.

There have been plenty of indoor rock and wall climbing businesses over the years.

When going, make sure to check out all the equipment before using it. Ask if there's an instructor.

Some of the wall climbing centers have strange pricing structures, so do confirm everything before signing up, e.g., equipment included, etc.

Did you know?

While it's unlikely that you'll need the skills used in indoor wall climbing on a trek in Nepal, the excercise of wall climbing itself can be of great benefit - asides from that it makes for a great fun activity.

Indoor wall climbing companies in Kathmandu

Astrek climbing wall:

One of the oldest and most popular climbing walls in Kathmandu. While it's not ultra modern it does offer a 50 foot wall, bouldering and various training options.

Pricing is 400 rupees for a full day but there's an addtional charge of 150 rupees for shoes and 100 rupees for a harness. There's group prices and annual memberships.

Bhagwan Bahal, Thamel
Kathmandu, Nepal
(Opposite GAA Hall)

Tel: +977 1 4419265



Kathmandu Sport Climbing Center :

A well run climbing wall and bouldering center close to Thamel. They offer a variety of climbs, including some for children, and there is a small cafe there.

Prices start from 500 rupees for climbing plus equipment rental depending on your climb.

Kaldhara Chowk - 16



Tel: +977-986-938-6887



Initiative Outdoor Bouldering Wall:

Located near Patan it's a bit of trek to get there. However the facilities are quite good. They focus on not just on wall climbing but also offer first aid courses.

Prices start from 450 rupees with addtional charges for equipment. Memberships are available.

Lalitpur, Nepal
Phone: 211-1505
Mobile: +977 - 98510-14586


Pasang Lhamu Sports Climbing Centre:

One of the oldest wall climbing centres in Kathmandu. Located near the ring road it's good to get there early. The long climbing wall is well tended to and the centre has had some refurbishment.

Costs around about 500 rupees with equipment included.

Pasang Lhamu Foundation
Shankha Park, Ring Road,
Kathmandu, Nepal.

Tel : 977-1-4370 742


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