Finding a good guide for your trek in Nepal is harder than it looks!

The amount of Nepali trekking companies out there touting their services is mind-boggling. I know. I've been there too and every year I review many of them. Over the past 17+ years I've also written several books about Nepal and indeed guidebooks about trekking in Nepal and get many emails asking about how to find a guide.

Trekking guide in Upper Mustang
With the right trekking guide you can visit places on a trek without the crowds

I'm now offering to find exact match local trekking guides best suited to your specific trek.

Here are just a few reasons why this service works so well.

It's expensive to find a trekking guide online: I'm guessing you've already discovered this! To be honest, online services are also wrought with hidden extras and tour operators often cut costs. As an example, some don't include meals in their package trips while others offer only basic menu services - something you are likely to discover when it's too late. Likewise, some tours will bundle you into a shared basic room which costs them $2 and costs you $18. The list of "catches" is long and again you can see the exorbitant prices they are charging online yourself.

Find a guide yourself: I've written about how to hire a trekking guide in Nepal. It's well worth reading that article if you want to do everything yourself. I've also written up a list of the best online trekking tour packages. Again, you are more than welcome to look there too.

Combining all the above together will mean you'll have some work to do, but at least you can do it yourself.

However, you'll still be on your own doing all this and in dealing with online strangers trying to make a sale. This is where my Find a Trekking Guide Service comes in to help you. Using my 14+years of expertise in both trekking with companies, reviewing them and writing guidebooks to Nepal I've amassed quite a list of trusted trekking guides.

Today I know Nepal better than most (I've made it my job). I don't take sponsored treks, tours or stays. Neither do I own a trekking company. I write guidebooks about Nepal and indeed about trekking. Now you too can get access to this information.

Sage Advice

There's nothing like getting advice from someone who's been there and done that. Look at my free Nepal travel guides as an example or my Nepal Guidebooks - I know Nepal inside and out and this can solve a lot for you!

How my find a trekking guide service works

It takes just four easy steps!

Trekking guide with trekkers in Nepal
Get the best trekking guide suited to your trek - not just another package tour

Step 1: You send me some details.

Step 2: I'll email you back and will probably ask you for some more details about your trek.

Step 3: I'll then go in search of a trekking guide for you. I'll get you a pricing quote for that trek including all fees so you'll have no hidden extra charges to deal with. I'll then supply you with the full details of your trek, including your detailed itinerary, costs, and options. And I'll also give you some additional choices to help you lower the price or get a better trek experience.

Step 4: You pay a flat $50 and I'll then reserve your booking with a local fully qualified and registered guide / trekking company at the agreed price. At this point you get to download a free copy of my Nepal Guidebook. I then send you all the trekking company/guide's details!

You can then email, talk with or Skype/FB/WhatsApp with the guide or local trekking company and exchange your arrival details with them. All payments for the trek are between you and the trekking company/guide. There's no middle man or extras. I'm not affiliated with the trekking company in the least. So you'll know that 100% of your money is going to the local Nepali trekking guide!

All guides and local trekking companies are fully registered, licensed and insured.

It's that simple. And, it works.

How much money can you save this way?

Let's clear up one slightly confusing aspect of trekking in Nepal. A treks cost depends on that specific trek and not "general trekking". Different trekking regions in Nepal have higher/lower prices. It also depends on the time of year you want to go (off season/peak season) and the style of trek you want. e.g., budget, mid-range, high-end.

On average most people save about USD$300 per person using my find a guide service. Sometimes you can save a lot more. However, one of the real keys to this is that you also get the details of a genuine trusted local trekking company, an all inclusive price quote for your entire trek and a personal introduction - this alone saves you a lot of time and work.

Trekking guides and porters
It's hard to find a trekking guide or porter that you can trust ... it's my job to review them - now you can rest assured you'll be getting the best guide or porter for your trek



Where does your money go?

The great thing about this service is that all your money goes directly to the local trekking guide as you will be paying them directly and not through me. I make no commission other than this find a guide service fee.

You get a licensed trekking guide from the specific region you will be trekking in.

Nothing is charged to you on our first email exchange. If you are happy with my service then you can decide if you want to continue or not.


Can't I just buy a guidebook to do this?

Yes, you can! I'd be delighted if you did. The difference is you'll still need to go through all the company listings yourself, contact them yourself and do all the bargaining yourself. If you want to go this route, then do check out my  my full Nepal guidebook or better yet  my full Trekking in Nepal guidebook for even more details.

Here's an extra tip for you. If you are thinking of buying any guidebook these days always look at the guidebooks website first. Many publishers are now selling their own trekking tours and indeed making a commission on others. In 2018 one of the largest guidebook publishers started offering their own tours ... the problem with this is that their reviews are now questionable as they show bias. This is their new "business strategy".

For the record, I do not take sponsored treks, tours, hotel stays or meals, ever. Everything on this website and in my guidebooks is 100% genuine and honest. I pay my own way so everyone here can get an honest review and experience.

I've built up over a decade of trusted trekking company reviews which you can find in my guidebooks. For those that want that little bit extra in the form of a personal recommendation so an expert can find you a guide and negotiate a set price for you then this find a guide service offers you a great new option.


What about my trekking permits, accommodation etc?

The trekking company typically handles all your trekking permits in advance, ensuring everything is prepared for your arrival. Similarly, they can arrange your accommodations, meals, and transportation. Alternatively, you have the option to choose a guide-only service and manage your own accommodation and meals expenses if preferred. Rest assured, all options will be presented clearly, maintaining transparency and avoiding any confusion.


What about help getting a visa with COVID-19 restrictions?

Currently there are no restrictions, other than having a vaccination to enter Nepal or a negative PCR test. Previously you needed a recommendation letter. If this requirement happens again, any company or guide I recommend will be able to give you an official invitation letter so you either get a visa from a local embassy or on arrival.

Are trekking guides mandatory in Nepal?

Yes, in March 2023, all solo, couple, or group trekkers must have a trekking guide registered with a trekking company in Nepal. Independent trekking is no longer legally possible. So far, only one trek has had a checkpoint, though that could change at any moment. All trekking guides with my Find a Trekking Guide service meet the new requirements as they are registered with a local trekking company and are fully licensed. Furthermore, I ensure they are all from the region where your trek will be and are fully experienced with your trek.

Do trekking guides in Nepal speak English or other languages?

Any trekking guide I find for you will be fluent in English and Nepali. This is the best value option, just fill out the form below. Trekking guides that speak other languages charge more but are also available through my service.



Yes, with this service all the complicated work is taken care of for you, so that you can concentrate on enjoying your trek stress free!p>


Let's get started and find you a trekking guide!

Fill out as much of this form as you can. The more information you can give me the more I can help you!


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