Find out where you can go in Nepal

Nepal is a country where you can travel to and experice so much of everything! Here's a look at where and what you can do.

 Annapurna Circuit trail
Where to go trekking in Nepal? Try the magnificent Annapurna Circuit

The mountains: from Everest to the Annapurnas and beyond, going trekking in Nepal is extremely popular – great for trekkers and outdoor enthusiasts

Culture & heritage sites: The Kathmandu Valley is the hub of cultural and heritage in Nepal with ancient temples, monuments, buildings and cultures – great for people interested in hisotry, culture, heritage, old buildings and outdoor activities

Jungles: Tropical adventurists revel in visiting Chitwan National Park and Bardia National park to see tigers, rhinos, elephants and all manner of jungle wildlife – great for wildlife enusiasts and people seeking excitement

Places with adventure: Pokhara offers adventure activities from paragliding, microflights and Everest flights to bungy jumping, canyoning and ziplining Nepal has lots of adventure places – great for those seeking an adrenaline rush

Places with spirituality and relaxation: visiting the birthplace of the Buddha in Lumbini or over 20 Buddhist monasteries in Lumbini is a huge draw as are yoga and medication classes in Pokhara and Kathmandu – great for those looking to meditate or find enlightenment

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Get ideas about places to go and see in Nepal on this page then use Nepal travel itineraries and the best guide to Nepal pages to put it all together!

Where to go in Nepal for trekking

Trekking is at the forefront of Nepals tourism industry. There are several regions and types of treks in the mountains to choose from. Firstly there is a trek for everyone in Nepal from first timers to experienced climbers. There are even gentle hikes for a couple of hours. Guide trekking in Nepal

The most popular place to go trekking is Mount Everest: the highest mountain in the world is a namesake on many people bucket list. If you don't have time then find out other places where can you see Mount Everest from.

The second most popular place to go trekking is the Annapurna Circuit: an epic two-and-a-half week trek that can be increase or reduce in duration.

Where else can you go trekking? There's Manaslu, Langtang along with the Mustang regions. Other places where you can go for day hikes include Nagarkot, Dhulikel and Dhampus.

Do read my guide to trekking in Nepal

Where to see heritage sites in Nepal

Most of Nepal’s cultural heritage is located in the Kathmandu Valley where it’s choc-a-bloc with old temples and heritage buildings. Further afield and you’ll still see cultural heritage sites but it will be sparser.

Where to see heritage sites in The Kathmandu ValleyThe Bagh Bhairab Temple, Kirtipur, Kathmandu Valley, Nepal

Kathmandu city is the most popular place for most people with great free heritage walks to enjoy along with the impressive Kathmandu Durbar Square all of which is accessible by walking.

Other heritage sites include Swayambunath, Boudhanath and Pashupatinath.

Where to see heritage sites inside The Kathmandu Valley

Try Patan, Bhaktapur, Thimi, Kirtiupr and Gokarna as they offer the best within a short drive from Kathmandu city.

Travel Guides to Destinations in around the Kathmandu Valley

Where to go outside The Kathmandu Valley for heritage sites

Nearly every town or village will have an “important” temple or revered statue. However popular places to go include Pokhara’s old Bazaar, Lumbini and Nuwakot.

Where to go in Nepal for Jungle and Wildlife activities

From royal Bengal tigers, one-horn rhinos, elephants and crocodiles to deer, birds, butterflies and fauna. Nepal’s jungles are exciting places to visit.

Chitwan National Park is the most popular destiOne-horned Rhino in Chitwan, Nepalnation where you can visit to experince it all. It’s easy to reach from both Kathmandu and Pokhara.

Bardia National Park is remoter and a harder place to reach but does offer a raw jungle location with a great location where you see tigers.



Where to go in Nepal for Adventure

This really depends on your definition of adventure but we already covered places to go in Nepal for trekking so let’s look at some other places filled with Adventure. Mico-flights over Pokhara in Nepal

From Kathmandu you can go white-water rafting or canyoning along the Tilusi river. While in Pokhara there are many places to go for adventure from paragliding, microflights, canyoning, zip-lining, boating, water-balling and hiking to some outdoor skating or indoor football.

Where to go in Nepal for Spirituality

Nepal is made up of a unique blend of cultures from Hindu, to Buddhist and Newari. Boudhanath Stupa in NepalNepal is also the birthplace of the Buddha so going to Lumbini on a pilrimage is important to many.

Otherwise there are many Hindu and Tantric religious sites across Nepal. Boudhanath offers respite to many along with countless monasteries.

Where to go in Nepal for Relaxation

Pokhara’s lakeside is touristy but does offer a relaxing time compared to the hustle of Kathmandu. Nearby are the relaxing spots of Begnas Lake and Rupa Lake which are both quite and secluded.

Taking a taxi or bus up to Dhampus (near Pokhara) will give you a trekking village just before the permit checkpoint so you could stay there if you are looking for some peace and quite.

For those that feel Pokhara is to touristy, there's a halfway location located in the hills between Kathmandu and Pokhara called Bandipur worth checking out.

Where else to go in Nepal?

The above were the main and popular places to go in Nepal. However many people email me asking for other places to for certain things. So here’s a list of other places to go in Nepal.

Where to go in Nepal for Meditation

Dedicated Buddhists usually make a pilgrimage to Lumbini where Buddha was born. There are over 20 monastic institutions in Lumbini development zone from countries around the world. There’s also a center for meditation there.

Outside of Lumbini Pokhara has many meditation centers but none are so popular to be “famous” or highly recommended. It’s more to do with word of mouth. Likewise in Kathmandu there are some centers for meditation but again a recommendation is advisable. Do be aware of expensive meditation course – even those run by monks.

Where to go in Nepal for Yoga

Both Kathmandu and Pokhara have many yoga centers. Pokhara’s are spread out to the rear of lakeside but in Kathmandu most are found in Thamel.

Where to go in Nepal for good food

Nepal offers it’s own ethnic dishes but also a wide range of international cuisines. The best places to go for good food in Nepal is in Kathmandu’s Thamel area. There’s a treasure trove of good places to eat but do read reviews in my Nepal guidebook to check out the best. Dal Bhat in Nepal

In Pokhara it’s the Lakeside area that’s filled with restruants ranging form budget to high-end places. Again it’s worth reading reviews before eating in a place if you are looking for an extra special treat.

Outside of these areas you are looking more at local Nepali food along with some Indian curries, chow meins and rice dishes. If you are looking for good places to eat in Nepal then do get my guidebook to Nepal which has reviews and ratings for the best no matter your budget.

Where to go in Nepal for good nightlife

Whether it’s dancing, music or drinks then it’s either or Thamel in Kathmandu or Lakeside in Pokhara where you’ll want to go. In Thamel there’s oodles of bars, clubs and music venues many of which stay open quite late. In Pokhara the scene is more to do with live music until 10pm. Some venues will continue serving in lakeside until later but only if you are with a group.

Where to Next?

Now you should have a good idea about where you can go in Nepal depending on what you want to do.

It's all part of how to plane your trip to Nepal. If you are still not sure about where to go or how to go about it then do remember that I offer a travel planning service to Nepal.

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