Can the over 60s still go trekking in Nepal?

Yes the over 60s can and do go trekking in Nepal!

Over 60 trekking in Nepal
Over 60 trekking in Nepal

The only physical barriers for any age group trekking in Nepal is fitness, health and the surrounding conditions. Over 50? I don't even notice this age bracket as there are so many. The same can be said for the over 60s trekking in Nepal.

I've even met plenty of people in their 70s and mid-80s who were out trekking!

trekking in Nepal for the over 60s

» Things to consider for the over 60s trekking

» Clothing & equipment for the over 60s

» How fit do you need to be?

» The best treks for the over 60s in Nepal

» Age restrictions for trekking

» Over 60s travel insurance for trekking

Things to consider for the over 60s before trekking

Fitness is the key factor when preparing for a trek in Nepal. Mid-range fitness is recommended. If you don't currently exercise or are not active then it's advisable to get into shape long before your trek.

Do read about trekking in Nepal to get an idea of how many hours of walking (trekking) you'll likely be doing in a day. Usually it's a between 4 and 7 hours. Don't panic yet though as another key factor for the over 60s is to add on a day or two on a trek to break up those hours into shorter days.

Consider going to Nepal during good peak weather conditions rather than in cold winter months or wet monsoon months. Do read about when is the best month to go trekking in Nepal.

Do take some time to read through the Nepal section of this website to prepare yourself for the country if you've never traveled before. Things like electricity load shedding, poor heating and sanitation should not come a s a surprise when you arrive.

Consider hiring a porter to carry your main heavy bag

Trekking poles are one of the best bits of equipment someone over 60 can take on a trek in Nepal. Two trekking poles can help take the burden off your knees when descending. They can also help to firm up your footing when ascending.

Get travel insurance for trekking in Nepal. It's vital.

If you are on any medication, bring it with your rather than purchase it in Nepal.

Do get a full health check up and talk with your medical advisor about your intentions to go trekking in Nepal.

Clothing and equipment for older people trekking in Nepal

Depending on the time of year and where you are on a trek it's not always "freezing" on trekking trails. May people over compensate with heavy clothing and then find it awkward to and heavy carrying something they are not using. Consider hiring a porter and do read carefully about when to go trekking in Nepal.

Dressing in thinner layers helps for all ages in Nepal. Early in the morning it can be cold but as the day goes on it can warm up considerably so slowly removing layers is a good way to reduce or increase warmth through clothing.

The use of two trekking poles can be invaluable for the over 60s. Trekking poles can help stabilize your footing on rough trails. They also help to take the pressure off your knees when coming down steep steps. It's advisable to help break in your trekking poles so your hands get used to them. So if you are currently "in training" for your trek then take your trekking poles along with you.

For all other equipment do check out my packing list for trekking.

How fit do over 60s need to be to go trekking in Nepal?

Being as fit as possible is a good idea. If you do not currently exercise then you'll need to start an exercise program. Getting a full health check is also advisable.

Consider this: you'll be walking up and down lose rock for about five to seven hours per day. Can you currently walk seven hours? If not, then you will need to reconsider things or start exercising

Don't forget you can extend your days on a trek to break things down a bit and make it easier. For example, if the average Everest Base Camp trek is 12 days then you could do it in 14 or 16 days thereby reducing the amount of hours you have to trek every day. .

The best treks for people over 60 in Nepal

All treks are open for the over 60s in Nepal. From experience I can tell you of a few to take note of.

Many trekking agencies have set days for Everest Base Camp and other treks. Over 60s may want to consider adding on 1-2 days for a trek to make it more manageable and enjoyable.

Annapurna Base Camp involves many steep steps which can be especially hard on the knees. Personally speaking of all the popular treks this one is a trek I would avoid if I had joint problems.

Of all things, do not shorten the recommended days needed for a trek.

Do check out my list of treks in Nepal.

Are there any age restrictions in getting trekking permits for the over 60s?

There are no age restrictions for obtaining trekking permits in Nepal.

If you are going peak climbing then be aware that Nepali authorities have placed restrictions on the over 75s and medical certificates are required. Again, this is for climbing, not trekking. Though this can likely change at a whim.

Travel Insurance for the over 60s trekking in Nepal

These days you'd be crazy not to have travel insurance on a trek. With helicopter evacuations costing over USD $5000 alone it can get very expensive should you end up needing one. Simply put: get travel insurance.

Do remember that should you twist and ankle or get sick on a trail you will be far from any superior medical treatment center. So, although it seems minor, a sprained ankle could end up stranding you in the mountains for weeks. Getting proper travel insurance for trekking in Nepal is essential.

For the over 60s trekking in Nepal you need to be aware of two additional issues with travel insurance. Firstly you need to be sure that you are covered for the altitude you are trekking up to. Secondly you need to be sure that your age bracket is covered by your insurance provider.

Do read my article on travel insurance for trekking in Nepal.

Take a guide and a porter

It's worth seeking out a guide who either specialize in trekking with older people in Nepal or a company that's flexible with adding on days if necessary.

There's also a huge benefit to taking a porter who can carry your heavy bag for you, Do remember that your hotel in Nepal can store most of your things for you too.

If you want a personal recommendation for a guide who specializes in trekking with older folk then feel free to contact me. The same guide is mentioned in my trekking in Nepal guidebook too - a purchase would be appreciated.

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