About Yoga in Kathmandu

Yoga in Nepal existed long before tourists ever came to the country but today boasts some of the best yoga experiences in Kathmandu. The origins of Yoga date back to 1900 BCE with the likelihood that in made its way into Nepal as migration occurred in the south. In the 11th century Yogis were are well documented in Nepal.

Hatha Yoga pose in Kathmandu

Hatha Yoga is widely practiced in Kathmandu

By the 1970s, tourism in Nepal took off, and so did those looking to practice, study, and learn about yoga.

Today, there are many yoga studios in Kathmandu, most teaching Hatha Yoga. It’s important to note that not all have qualified instructors. Practitioners often change in yoga studios from Nepali, to yoga teachers from Europe and India. Learn more about yoga in Kathmandu here.

The following are active yoga studios in Kathmandu offering yoga classes with qualified teachers (please check again, before participating in a class as they often have guest teachers).

Did you know?

Most good yoga studios in Kathmandu offer 200 & 500 hour international yoga teachers certification. There are also plenty of walk-in classes!

Yoga Studios in Kathmandu

Again, do make sure your teacher is a qualified teacher. It's also important to note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many studios had to close, relocate, or suspend classes. Many start-up yoga "schools" are opening in 2024, do check them out before paying for classes.

Mandala Yoga & Spa

Run by qualified yoga instructor Kriti Karki, Mandala Yoga & Spa opened in 2015. Kriti previously worked for 25 years as an instructor.

The Yoga studio is located in Thamel’s central area along a pedestrian street known as Mandala street. The studio is clean, modern and runs daily morning and afternoon classes. There’s also a massage area, spa and sauna.

Address: Mandala Street, Kathmandu.

Telephone: +977 1 4701322

Nepal Yoga Academy

The Nepal Yoga Academy claims to be the only yoga studio in Nepal that teaches Sanatan Yoga System (a rhythmic style of Hatha yoga). They also offer Yoga teacher training. Most of these are done in retreats outside of Kathmandu city.

Courses include 200-hour teacher training (4 weeks) retreats with a certificate at the end. However, the certificate is not an international qualification but can be used in your ours for the Yoga Alliance certificate.

Address: Bhaktapur, Kathmandu.

Telephone: +977 98510 92635

Pranamaya Yoga

Pranamaya Yoga has three studios, one in Thamel, Patan, and Pokhara. They have a range of excellent classes for beginners and experts alike. Many classes are taught by both foreigners and Nepali during mornings and evenings.

They are one of the few yoga studios to offer classes for children. They offer weekend retreats, meditation, and training classes. If you are in Nepal during the off-peak season, it’s worth sending them an email to schedule a class.

Address: Above Himalayan Java Coffee, Thamel, Kathmandu.

Telephone: +977 980 204 5484

Kathmandu Centre for Healing

Located along Swayambhunath road, the Kathmandu Centre for Healing has walk-in classes and scheduled classes. They tend more towards the healing side of yoga and also offer 200hr International Yoga Alliance Certified teacher training.

They have weekend retreats, singing bowl healing techniques, and also offer massages.

Address: Ropeway Sadak, Swayambhunath, Kathmandu.

Telephone: +977 984 3594947

Charak Yoga

This long-established yoga studio recently got a renovation and offers a small but clean studio in central Thamel. There is a dedicated yoga teacher here offering three classes per day along with residential yoga teacher training and non-residential yoga teacher training.

This is one of the few yoga studios to offer “power” yoga, focusing on strength and cardio along with other Hatha yoga style sessions.

Address: Above Jatra Cafe, Chaksibari, Thamel, Kathmandu.

Telephone: +977 981 8148030

Chetana Foundation

Running for 20 years, this yoga studio is run by one teacher, Dr. Chetnath, so it is important to book ahead. Chetana Yoga Foundation offers yoga classes, reiki classes, naturapathy along with weekend retreats.

This studio is one of the only places in Kathmandu offering reiki along with yoga.

Address: Chaksibari Marg, Thamel, Kathmandu.

Telephone: +977 1 4353477

From students, whose wealthy parents can afford the entrance fees, to courting couples looking for some privacy, the garden's walls hold many a whisper and coy smile.


Average cost of Yoga classes and courses in Kathmandu

The following should give you an idea of how much yoga studios charge. Keep in mind that retreats and other offers are usually a lot more expensive.

  • Walk in session Rs. 700-800
  • 1 Week (5 Classes): Rs. 4000. (Usually with a duration period of 1 month)
  • 10 Day Classes: Rs. 6000. (Usually with a duration period 3 months)
  • 30 classes: Rs. 15,000


Yoga mats are provide in virtually all yoga studios. Cheap mats can be obtained in Kathmandu but are usually sleeping mats for trekking.

In 2024 several "new" Yoga studios opened up in Kathmandu. Some have rather dubious qualifications. Others have local, Indian or even Chinese certification which don't seem to drum up much information if you look for them. Do exercise caution and ask to see the Yoga certification (look it up online) before signing up for a class.

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