About the Bishwakarma temple

Located in south Patan (just south of Patan Durbar Square) the Bishwakarma temple or Bishokarma temple (local) or Viśwákarma (Hindu) is dedicated to the god Bishwakarma (Viśwákarma) who was an architect (God of mechanism).

Yes, the temple's name is lost in translation but it won't be the first nor last in Nepal to have more than one name. Built in 1885 it has a facade of heavy copper.

The Bishwakarma or Vishwakarma temple

The Bishwakarma or Vishwakarma temple (here's a larger photograph of the Bishwakarma temple)

Located down a fascinating street filled with craftsman it's worth locating the temple for the street walk alone.

Take a temple walk by visiting the Machchhendranath temple after this one.

Did you know?

The temple is surrounded by a heavy mental fence to prevent thieves from stealing it's valuable copper walls! There's usually a caretaker inside or nearby the temple.

The Copper Bishwakarma temple

The outside of this dusty looking temple is made from beaten copper sheets most probably from the metal smiths along the same street.

The Bishwakarma or Vishwakarma temple

The Bishwakarma or Vishwakarma temple

Indeed it's not just copper here that was donated by the locals workers but also brick, wood and other metals. This is dedicated to the god of artisans / architects after all. More over it is said that carpenters, bricklayers, carvers and metalworkers are all descendents of Vishwakarma himself.

If the door to the shrine is open take a peak inside (but don't go in) to the left. You'll need to ask around for an attendant if you want to enter.

Across from the temple on a pillar is a gilt lion guarding over it.

Entrance fee for the Bishwakarma temple

There is currently no entrance fee to visit this temple.

Map of Bishwakarma temple & Patan

Use this map of Patan for to locate the Bishwakarma temple and other highlights in Patan. For a better map download my full travel guide to Patan

Bishwakarma temple is located at the start of a main street in south Patan.

Exit Durbar Square to the south and take a right at Ticchu Galli. This is the metal workers street. You'll find the temple down here on the right. See my guide below for detailed directions.

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