Trekking in Nepal during July

July is transition month between summer and the monsoon season in Nepal it can get very hot, very humid and very wet.

Annapurna Circuit in hot and humid weather in June
You'll be lucky to get views like this along the Annapurna Circuit during hot and humid weather in June

Heavy monsoon weather will be highly likely along with thunderstorms. July is one of the least popular months to go trekking in Nepal.

If your trek runs from June into July then you'll need to bring good rain gear along with light clothing due to the hot humidity and be prepared for heavy monsoon downpours.

For the most part at 2,000m expect day time temperatures of 30+ degrees and temperatures at night around 19 degrees.

July trekking tips

  • Bring all types of water proofing with you
  • Be prepared for few mountain views

All treks are officially open during July in Nepal from Everest to the Annapurna Region however there are risks due to heavy rainfall and landslides plus the views are usually covered in cloud. Trekking routes may be closed due to being washed out – it's important to keep an eye on the news. Avoid bus travel to remoter areas, distant or unmarked trails due to the increasing risk of floods and landslides.

What is the weather like in July for trekking in Nepal?

Hot, humid and hazy summer weather continues as monsoon downpours start to appear. Expect 30+ degree* weather in the mountains during the day. During the night temperatures are often around the 12-19 degree range*. More frequent hail showers, thunderstorms or rain can occur.

* weather temperatures and conditions change as you go up in altitude or descend. Likewise there are variations depending on the trek. Always expect passes and base camps to have more extreme conditions. The temperatures listed here are only used as rough indications.

Historical weather data for trekking in July

Since publishing my guidebooks we've been keeping an accurate record of both GPS data for trails and the weather to try and help trekkers make decisions.

The following information is correlated based on real trekking guides and trekkers who were in the following areas. The weather data is broken down into the year of the trek, weeks in the month and a note on what a guide or person experienced in terms of weather. We've used EBC, ABC and the APC for weather examples as they cover the widest range of areas.

EBC = Everest Base Camp. ABC = Annapurna Base Camp. APC = Annapurna Circuit. WK = Week.

* Blank years or weeks just means the guide or data is/was not available. It may also mean we've not had the time to update the data here (we have a lot of data on all treks). We are trying to keep this information as accurate as possible. If you are looking for specific data you may contact us, however you can best support this site by purchasing a guidebook first.


Trek / Date
July 2015
July 2016
July 2017
WK 2: Light rain with only morning views possible of mountains
July 2018

Rain is heavy. Clouds delayed flights.

July 2019

Trek / Date
July 2015



July 2016
July 2017

WK 1: :Nice view of mountain from Namche, Dingbocheand Kalapather but rest of days it is cloudly with light rain on day 3rd, 5th and 9th and 10th day.

Wk 3: Good weather with clear views.

July 2018

Heavy rain.

July 2019

Trek / Date
July 2015

July 2016
July 2017
Wk: 3 Clear views
July 2018
July 2019


This historical climate/weather data may be useful to some but do remember that that the weather can change on an hourly basis in Nepal.

What trekking clothing is needed during July in Nepal?

Breathable rain gear is essential along with light clothing to deal with the humidity and rainfall. Expect leeches along the trail. Trekking shirts, shorts, pants and a fleece (for the evenings). Drying clothes becomes more difficult. Keep in mind that rainfall and heat can reach epic proportions in July. A sleeping bag liner can help with the heat in the evening.

Is trekking accommodation on the trails open during July in Nepal?

All accommodation along the trekking routes will be open in July though the rooms rarely have fans so they can get hot and leaks may appear.

Are trekking restaurants on the trails open during July in Nepal?

Just like accommodation all restaurants will be open in July.

Do read my guidebook trekking in Nepal to understand about restaurants when trekking you may not be allowed to stay in your accommodation if you eat elsewhere when trekking!

Are trekking permits available in July in Nepal?

Yes, trekking permits are available year round in Nepal including July. Permits are available in both Kathmandu and Pokhara.

Do you need travel insurance for trekking in July?

Yes you'll need travel insurance when trekking in July. Wet, slippery paths often lead to many ankle strains and slips which are made worse by tiredness due to humidity.

Do read about getting proper travel insurance for trekking in Nepal.

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The above information should give you a brief outline and understanding about trekking in Nepal in July.

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