Interviewing my trek guides in Nepal

by Dave from The Longest Way Home ~ December 27th, 2007. Updated on April 22nd, 2009. Published in: Travel blog » Nepal.

Travel Journal Overview: Choosing a guide in Nepal for a solo trek was pretty easy, and I’m glad I did it this way. I got the right guy. For anyone looking for a guide to choosing a trekking guide in Nepal, I’ve written one up right here – How to choose a guide in Nepal

How to choose a guide in Nepal? (click to enlarge)

How to choose a guide in Nepal? (click to enlarge)

Having arranged to meet Myoko for dinner later, I now had the dubious task of interviewing for a guide. Chubby, in all his wisdom, had arranged for the interview in his office. It was not a disaster, but it did reek of the impeding disaster. The guide, who’s name really cannot be scratched from memory, was tall, leather faced and aggressive sounding. Alarm bells rang all over my head. He was an obvious drinker. And he wanted the trek to stretch out over 3 weeks. Thus giving himself a higher salary. No.

Chubby was soon on the phone to me as I was preparing to head out and find my own guide. He was as apologetic as anyone could me. Normally this does not do much for me, a man can apologize all day and still repeat the mistake. But Chubby said something that told me the next attempt would be better.

“I could tell you were not happy, I am sorry. He was the wrong guide for you. Permit me to be bring the right one in one hour.”

And it was one hour later that sure enough I was sitting opposite ‘Narayan’. He was a well groomed chap in his mid 30’s. Soft spoken yet strong in his convictions on the route. He unnerved me a little by not looking directly into my eyes when talking. I noticed he was cross eyed in one eye, and didn’t know whether this was the reason or whether it was a trust issue.

The bottom line with Narayan was that he spoke knowingly about the trek. He also put up with my Nigerian tactic of saying I knew that a lot of guides took dumb trekkers to their ‘Friends’ lodges en route. Thus getting a little extra percentage. He took everything in his stride. Apart from the eye contact this I liked him.

Chubby asked Narayan to wait outside while we talked about the financial aspects. The matter of the eye contact was brought up. A bullshit shy Nepalese excuse was used, so I settled on the dodgy eye being the reason. Outside I signed the deal with a handshake as Chubby explained the dates. It seemed that was not all he said.

Narayan looked me squarely in the eyes, “It is good to be able to work with you. I see you again in a few days.”

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