Patan’s new skyline after the earthquake (photograph)

Patan's new cityscape in Nepal
Patan's new skyline after the earthquake
Patan’s new skyline is still beautiful

Patan’s famous cityscape has not changed much!

Patan, or Lalitpur as it’s known locally, is one of the central attractions in the Kathmandu Valley. It’s known as the “city of artists”.

After the 2015 earthquake people said Patan had been flattened. This is simply not true.

Patan lost over five temples. However some are not even visible to most people.

If you’ve never been to Patan you might not even notice that there had been an earthquake at all!

One big photo of Patan shows it all

As you can see from this photograph overlooking Patan Durbar Square it still looks fabulous. Indeed it makes Kathmandu’s own Durbar Square look dull in comparison

What’s more, with new hotels opening up in the area you could wake up to a view like this in the morning. That’s pretty great!

I took this photograph just a few weeks ago during monsoon season. So do excuse the clouds. I’ll be back soon to do a comparison shot as right now it’s all blue sky!


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18 Replies to “Patan’s new skyline after the earthquake (photograph)”

  1. We’ve been following your site for quite sometime. It’s so valuable to our planning. Great to see Patan still looking lovely.

  2. Looks like a stunning place. Wonder how big media got it so wrong. Ah, bad news sells.

  3. Beautiful photograph and wonderfully enchanting looking place. I hope the rest of Nepal looks like this for our visit.

  4. Looks stunning. Very little difference between this and the cover of your book

  5. It’s great to see live photos like this of Nepal. It’s has so much bad press. Please keep it up!

  6. Top photo Dave. Love following your travels in Nepal. Your passion and empathy for the country and its people is terrific. We’re heading back in December and will definitely visit Patan. Cheers mate

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